Thursday, March 31, 2011

blog hops.

So I'm wondering, how does one go about being invited to a blog hop?  I am curious, because I think not only would it be fun, but it's something I'm definitely capable of bringing to the table (so to speak) and something I think would learn from.

So, shameless plug here- would LOVE to be in a blog hop.  If you're hosting one, I'd LOVE to offer myself and my corner of the blogspace/time continuum for your hopping pleasure.

Oh!  and I got a new camera.  I'll be posting some nifty pics soon.  but in the mean-time to show you my new camera's clarity, here's a picture of two of my 3 angels.  (in disguise!)

No, it's not a herp, she split her lip last night running.  She fell and her tooth got her.

Oh, for those of you wondering, both my 6 yo daughter and my 4 yo son LOVE to make cards and scrapbook.  It makes mama feel SO nice to know I have partners in crime with me. ;)

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  1. Precious pics. Hey, Ruby Rose, I have an award for you. Visit my blog and pick it up.