Thursday, December 19, 2013

SOOOO excited!

Merry Christmas peeps!

I can't contain myself!  Guess what I'm getting?  I'm getting a silhouette!  WHAT?!  Yup, it'll be here on Saturday, and I'm so excited I can't contain myself!!

I make SVG files, so I'll start linking them when I do- for your use and sale of COMPLETED projects (not for "kits".)  I'll also start making some to sell.  I just can't tell you how bouncing around the living room excited I am about this! SQUEE!

Ok, reign it in, Heather-

I have some last minute sewing projects I have to get done for Christmas, and of course- my cards aren't done.  Who can afford to send them out this year?  I'm going to have to budget that into my Christmas fundage for next year.  (we've decided to take $100/month and set it aside and I can do all the shopping either day after thanksgiving, or online on free-shipping day on 12/18.)

in other news, I'm also a full fledged AUX member of the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association.  They focus on Vets helping Vets- always a good thing!- and I'm going to be making some cards and stuff for them, and I hope you get to see that soon.

OH, and I'm either starting or revamping my sewing blog.  I shut one down before- too much to do, not enough time, but since I've taken up a TON of sewing lately, I think I'll redo that blog too.

Be blessed!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let It Snow Bloghop

Welcome to the Let It Snow bloghop!  How talented is Sarah?!

Hello and how are y'all doing????  Is it snowing where you live?  Yeah, it doesn't snow here in South Alabama.  :(  boo.  I miss snow, but only for like a week- leading up to Christmas.  If I had my ideal snow, it would snow but not sick on the roads so we can drive, and then Christmas eve, everything would be covered in white while the lights shone through, and carols would play... then after Christmas, it would be a wonderful 70* until fall again.

So, what did I do to commemorate snow?  I made snowballs!

Here's what you'll need:
round ball ornaments
rock salt (you ran through a food processor)-  I had left over ice cream salt!
white glue

for the snow ball- you spread a thin layer of glue on the ball.  and sprinkle some crushed rock salt all over it.  Hang to dry.  Viola!

for the other:  fill 1/3 (NO MORE!) of the way full with salt- it becomes very heavy so don't fill any more than that.

(thanks for bearing with me, I sliced the PEE out of my hand trying to to get an ornament out of the packaging!)

Enjoy the hop and now go see Cindy!

1. Lisa ~

2. Julie (Cricut Chick) ~

3. Tricia -

4. Lori ~

5. Sarah~

6. Heather ~       
 <----------YOU ARE HERE!

7. Cindy -

8. Pam -

9. Melisa

10. Elecia -

11. Jessica-

12. Mary -

13. Aisha -

14. Alicia ~

15. Nadja ~

16. Carla ~

17. Inga ~

18. Christine ~

19. Debbie W ~

20. Carolyn S. ~

21. Elizabeth ~

Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bloghop- day 12

WE MADE IT!  And I'm so sad to see it go. :(  Seriously, but that's ok, just like Christmas, it'll be here again next year!

12 days and not one card made from me.  Do you know how much of a feat that is?  No, really.  So, what did I do today?  glitter bulbs.  and no, they weren't just left over C9 bulbs (though if you have those, you could TOTALLY use them!  I got these ornaments from hobby lobby.

Here's what you'll need:
6 (or so) ornament bulbs, or left over C9 light bulbs.
white glue

Apply the white glue (good old Elmer's to the rescue!) to the bulb in a thinnest layer you can get!  Sprinkle glue on.  dry.  tada.  Arrange in a bowl or hang on your tree.  Since I did them in all green, I decided to arrange in a bowl with pine cones (ABUNDANT on my property!).  Oh, the bowl was from the dollar store too.

I busted out my knee to get this last photo.  And scraped my wrist!  that's what happens when you lean on the edge of the table and hit your knee's "funny bone".  OMG, I thought I was going to die!  But the picture was totally worth it!

OK, so the question for the day:  What is your least favorite Christmas food?  Mine:  ham.  and fruitcake.  both are NASTY to me.

I want to sincerely thank you for coming to my blog during the 12 days, and I want to thank Lisa for hosting it, and of course all the wonderful sponsors for their contribution for the blog candy.  Everyone was just wonderful and I'm grateful for you guys!

Here's the lineup:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bloghop- day 11

Hello awesome people- back again!  This has been such an amazing hop for me.  :)  I'm so honored that Lisa asked me if I wanted to do it again from last year.

Day 11- one more day and we're done, y'all.  I'm kind of sad about that. :(  That's ok- there's always next year!

Here's what I made for y'all today:  a poinsettia frame!

I made the poinsettias from THIS BLOG with 1 exception- I pinched the ends.  once you make them, you'll see what I mean.

Here's what you'll need:
various paper
1 picture frame
tacky glue
1 pine cone
winter woodland (to cut out holly leaves)
martha stewart pine branch punch.

make the poinsettias from the tutorial in the blog posted above.
Cut out SEVERAL holly leaves -I think I did mine at 2".
punch quite a few branches from the MSPB punch.

Happy gluing around the frame!

Take the pinecone and tear off "petals" from the back giving you a flatter surface to glue onto the frame with.  Glue him on, let everything dry overnight.

I think this frame is unfinished.  I think I'm going to add some yellow buttons to the centers of the poinsettias.

So, here's the lineup, and I'm so glad you've made it this far- I'll see you tomorrow for the final day!

6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12 days of Christmas Bloghop- day 10

WOW!  It doesn't feel like 10 days in.  Speaking of, 10 days and still no card- MAN am I proud of myself!!

Today's little project is something fairly simple!  Ornaments!

Here's what you need:
square ornaments (hobby lobby)
etching cream
martha stewart pine branch punch and green cardstock
Lyrical Letters Cricut cart.

etch the glass (manufacturer's directions) and rinse.  (that's why you see the water drops inside the bottles.)  pat off and cut out the vinyl at 1 1/4" (both things)  apply with transfer tape if needed. punch out 3 branches for each ornament and make a bow out of twine- attach with tacky glue.  tada!  15 minute ornaments!

How easy was that?

What is your favorite ornament?  It could be a memorable one from childhood, it could be one you picked up last year- mine is my daughter's 1st Christmas ornament.  Cut porcelain in the shape of a lace rattle. it makes me think about her every time I see it.

Here's the lineup:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE 

Have an amazing rest of your day and see you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 days of Christmas Bloghop- day 9

Hello Crafty people!

I am LOVING this blog hop! How talented is everyone?!  Makes me fee a little inadequate. LOL. Today is something simple.  Back to my country style, I've made a tag for y'all! Christmas is going to be lean around my house this year- some by necessity, but mostly because I'm tired of junk.  **warning, semi-rant here**  Seriously, I'm tired of people focusing on things instead of why we celebrate Christmas, so my kids are getting this year:  1 thing they need, 1 thing they want and 1 thing to wear.  That's it.  Oh, and stockings of necessity stuff, and fun stuff.  like new toothbrush, hair bands (for the girls) and matchbox cars for the boys. maybe some candy.

Keep in mind, I also have 5 children, so that's going to be PLENTY under our tree!

So, here's today's tag:

You will need:
cardstock and christmas paper in your choice of colors- I used paper from a few years ago- not buying new this year.
Cricut cartridges: Elegant edges, tags bags boxes and more, and winter lace
your cricut
ribbon or twine
adhesive of your choice.

Cut your snowflake out of Winter Lace at 2 1/4".  Cut your tag from tags, bags boxes and more at 4" and the shadow.  Cut your upraised tag out of Elegant edges at 1 1/4" and the shadow.

Ink around the edges of everything- I used crumb cake from Stampin Up.

assemble and enjoy!  You can use stamps for the "to:  from:"  but mine are still packed from our move.  Yeah, moving sucks, but this house is OURS! so it'll get done sometime before Christmas.  (my christmas present to me!)

So today's question:  What was the best thing you've ever given yourself?

So here's the lineup:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE 

Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bloghop- Day 8

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... or subway art in this case.

SAY WHAT?!  When it comes to trends, I typically stay a year or two behind.  (I still have yet to get into leggings as pants under a tunic shirt- I don't think that'll ever catch on for me.)  So, in great homage to being a trendless setter, I'm now finally doing a subway art.

Yeah, I'm seriously not trendy, BUT I am creative so it balances out. :D

What you'll need:
 a canvas- pick a size.  Mine came in a 3 pack of I think 18x18.
vinyl- I used cheap vinyl so I could chuck it and not feel badly about it.
paint in various colors, I chose cream and red.- in retrospect, spray paint would have been better.
Lyrical Letters Cricut cartridge.
Cricut of your choice.

This project was actually pretty time consuming for me!  I know, I was shocked, but that's because I kept futzing with it.  (side note:  futzing is actually a word recognized by blogger but 18x18 isn't... funny!)

I cut out scripture- Isaiah 9:6 (one of my favorites for Christmas, but since the color works SO well with my living room, I think I'm going to keep it up all year.  It's not JUST a Christmas scripture, and it goes well on my wall.

(see where I put it?  Next to the pine cone dangly thing?  TOTALLY works for me!)

 You can see the paint strokes which is why in retrospect, the spray paint would be a better idea.

What do you like to or need to avoid for the Christmas season?  It can get so crazy around my house, but I tend to avoid parties and outings that are "required" for Christmas.  We have a few simple traditions that we do, and that's what we'll keep doing, but all the extra crap like the Christmas bazaar and the official lighting of the trees, or the parades and acquaintance parties- in the words of Kimberly Williams (you know her as Sweet Brown) "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

Yeah, I went there.

Anyway, here's the lineup and don't forget, we love the love- leave some!!!:  

6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE AND YOU KNOW YOU <3 IT!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 days of Christmas Bloghop- day 7

Hello dearies!  Are you Christmased out yet?  Because I'm not- I still have several awesome projects to show you!!

I'm the type of girl who loves a lot of traditional Christmas and country Christmas things.  (if you couldn't tell from previous projects.)  I'm not the type who likes crafts that looks like the north pole exploded in my home.  That just... ugh.  Today's wreath is a take on both traditional and modern.  It looks pretty darned elegant if you ask me.

How gorgeous is that?  SUPER easy to do, you just need a TON of balls- and that's where the Dollar Tree comes in (shocker, I know.)  I ended up needing like 6 packs of Christmas balls- the 12-25,  but seriously- another pretty frugal project.  I did this is red and gold because my door is green.

Here's what you need:

1 wire hanger (thinner is better) and THANK YOU Donna for giving me yours- I didn't have any!
6 (or so) packs of 12-25 Christmas balls, various sizes- color depends on you.
Wired ribbon to match to cover the hanger.

Untwist the top of the hanger and form it into a circle, keeping the hook part of your hanger..  String on the balls and bunch them on so that the top part is hidden.  after all of your balls are on, form the other side to make a loop and put it around the "neck" of your hanger.  cover with ribbon.  TADA!

Here's a youtube video on how to do it if you get a little lost. :)

Here's the lineup in case you get lost:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE
25. Jessica -

And last question- what kind of Christmas are you?  Traditional?  elegant?  Christmas threw up on my house?  Happy hopping and I'll see you tomorrow!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

12 days of Christmas bloghop- day 6

Y'all, I'm starting to think blogger hates my blog.  Most times I post something, I have to do it 2 or 3 times before it takes a hint.  BUT, this is a monumental blog day for me- this is officially my 100th post!  WOOT!

OK, so you're back for another day and I'm so glad you're here!  This is my napkin ring for Christmas.  Yes, it's holding a washcloth only because I haven't sewn any napkins yet, BUT they're coming. :)

Here's what you'll need:
various beads
memory wire
jingle bells (small)
round nose pliers.

crimp one of the ends of the memory wire (I cut it to a length I wanted and was able to get a few out of 1 wire) string beads on in random order.  Tada!  Easy and cute!  I like easy crafts.  I also like pretty and simple.

What is the worst gift you've gotten for Christmas?  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow with another bout of awesome fabulousity!

Here's the lineup in case you get lost:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE