Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bloghop- Day 8

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... or subway art in this case.

SAY WHAT?!  When it comes to trends, I typically stay a year or two behind.  (I still have yet to get into leggings as pants under a tunic shirt- I don't think that'll ever catch on for me.)  So, in great homage to being a trendless setter, I'm now finally doing a subway art.

Yeah, I'm seriously not trendy, BUT I am creative so it balances out. :D

What you'll need:
 a canvas- pick a size.  Mine came in a 3 pack of I think 18x18.
vinyl- I used cheap vinyl so I could chuck it and not feel badly about it.
paint in various colors, I chose cream and red.- in retrospect, spray paint would have been better.
Lyrical Letters Cricut cartridge.
Cricut of your choice.

This project was actually pretty time consuming for me!  I know, I was shocked, but that's because I kept futzing with it.  (side note:  futzing is actually a word recognized by blogger but 18x18 isn't... funny!)

I cut out scripture- Isaiah 9:6 (one of my favorites for Christmas, but since the color works SO well with my living room, I think I'm going to keep it up all year.  It's not JUST a Christmas scripture, and it goes well on my wall.

(see where I put it?  Next to the pine cone dangly thing?  TOTALLY works for me!)

 You can see the paint strokes which is why in retrospect, the spray paint would be a better idea.

What do you like to or need to avoid for the Christmas season?  It can get so crazy around my house, but I tend to avoid parties and outings that are "required" for Christmas.  We have a few simple traditions that we do, and that's what we'll keep doing, but all the extra crap like the Christmas bazaar and the official lighting of the trees, or the parades and acquaintance parties- in the words of Kimberly Williams (you know her as Sweet Brown) "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

Yeah, I went there.

Anyway, here's the lineup and don't forget, we love the love- leave some!!!:  

6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE AND YOU KNOW YOU <3 IT!


  1. Love this beautiful creation!

  2. Don't forget that your pinecone dangly thing could be a pinecone/mistletoe dangly thingie! :-) Your subway art looks great next to it!!! TFS! :-)

    I def. need to avoid crowds as I get totally claustrophobic. Hey, I just realized that Santa Claus (well, Claus) is in "claus"trophobic. That's just soooooooo wrong!!!! How can the two be part of each other???!!!!

  3. I try to avoid extra running around... no extra time for that lol.... your artwork... Stunning..... It :)

  4. This is a super, super duper project! This is one of those AWE moments! Thanks for the hop! thanks for sharing enjoy your week Gail

  5. I love your Art work it's gorgeous. I try to avoid the outside fluff of Christmas and the whole Season's Greeting stuff. I try to focus on the true reason for Christmas and the celebration of Christ's birth. You did a great job, thanks so much for sharing.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  6. Love your subway art. I try to avoid super fussy decorations so your wall art is just my style.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  7. very nice project! sorry it took so long, but the more you appreciate it! I try to avoid too many commitments. I do so much traveling over the holidays and I always seem in a crunch to finish hand made gifts. The less "official" commitments the better that, of course, does not include family gatherings.

  8. Heather this project is awesome!!! Love that you used the vinyl to mask off the white!!! Great job!!!

  9. You are so funny!! Well, I really love home décor projects and loved yours! A perfect matted canvas all ready to give Christmas cheer in our homes! Great inspiration, too!

  10. Love your subway art. I agree, you should keep it up all year round…it is BEAUTIFUL!!


  11. That is so pretty!! I need to try this!

    I try to avoid traffic! We have a major mall by my work and during December traffic is horrendous! I actually go the long way just to stay out of it! LOL!