Thursday, March 31, 2011

blog hops.

So I'm wondering, how does one go about being invited to a blog hop?  I am curious, because I think not only would it be fun, but it's something I'm definitely capable of bringing to the table (so to speak) and something I think would learn from.

So, shameless plug here- would LOVE to be in a blog hop.  If you're hosting one, I'd LOVE to offer myself and my corner of the blogspace/time continuum for your hopping pleasure.

Oh!  and I got a new camera.  I'll be posting some nifty pics soon.  but in the mean-time to show you my new camera's clarity, here's a picture of two of my 3 angels.  (in disguise!)

No, it's not a herp, she split her lip last night running.  She fell and her tooth got her.

Oh, for those of you wondering, both my 6 yo daughter and my 4 yo son LOVE to make cards and scrapbook.  It makes mama feel SO nice to know I have partners in crime with me. ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Paula Deen Card

My husband is surprising me by taking me to Lady and Son's restaurant in Savannah in April.  In honor of going there, and with hope beyond hope of meeting her (I absolutely ADORE her!) I have made a card for Ms. Paula Deen.  I hope she likes it as much as I do!!!

 This is my completed card. :)  In the first picture, you can see the shading detail a little more. 

This picture, you can see the shimmer and sparkle of the pie "crust" and the "pan".  You can also see the glitter and glossy accents I used on the cherry and stem.

This is the inside of the card.  As you can see, it's a pie that was welded.  the only "problem" I reallly had was the cherry leaf that welded itself together with the other one.  I'll deal with that, but I kept it because I welded it kind of shy, it would easily tear if I cut it off.

This is what I used and how I did it:

Gypsy (yay, I LOVE my new toy!)
From My Kitchen cartridge
cardstock: Kraft, cream, red, white, green, gray/silver
glossy accents
studio G glitter (irridescent)
homemade shimmer spray (seriously tutorial coming soon, I promise!)
versamagic dew drop stamp ink in "Sahara Sand"
and Tuskineko shimmer sparkle in Sparkle.
ATG gun,
Zig 2-way pen.
black chalk and q-tip

I used my gypsy to weld together the pie from From My Kitchen to make a card.  it was cut at 6".  I matched everything else up to it to get the sizes right.  I have NO CLUE what size the cherry was cut, I just matched it up in the gypsy because I don't know how to essentially turn the "real dial" size off.  (yes I know there's no real dial on the gypsy, I'm learning it)  Cut this out of Kraft.

I cut another front in gray.  I sprayed the gray with the shimmer sparkle- lightly just to give a little shine to the pan.   I then sprayed the crust with my shimmer spray and patted the extra off wtih a paper towel. Ink around the edges with the Sahara Sand, to give it a fresh baked look.  Then, I glued the red cherry to the green stem base, and then glued the white shine to the red cherry and covered the entire red in glossy accents.  I outlined the stem, leaf and the center part of leaf with studio G glitter gel writer.

I glued the crust to the pan using my atg and going carefully aroudn the edges.  I then glued the pan to the front of the card also using the ATG.  After the cherry was dry (about an hour) I used my Zig 2 way and glued it on to the pie crust, lining it up with the silver stem and leaf.  I finally chalked around the edge of the pan with black chalk, blowing it off as needed, and blending after small sections. 

I will detail the inside by cutting another pie pan at 5 3/4" and gluing it to the inside bottom to give me a place to write, but I'm not going to tackle that until tomorrow. :)    have a blessed night all!

Or, as Paula would say "Best dishes from my kitchen to yours!"

Monday, March 28, 2011


Ok, I was headed off here and I JUST saw at Hobby Lobby this week only the Gypsy is 99.99!  I want this thing so bad- and my hubby keeps telling me to go and get it, so guess what?  today after I'm done doing all the diapers, my tush is going to run to Hobby Lobby and pick it up.  I am SO blessed to have such an amazing husband!  (and no, he didn't really threaten to sell my cricut. ;)

but yeah, they also have a 40% off of any one item coupon.  Ladies, it's AWESOME!  go for it!

Crafting.. just not paper.

So, I'm doing my OTHER craft today.  My husband looked at me and said "honey, if you don't put down the cricut and stop making cards and make some diapers today like you've been saying you'll do I'm going to sell the cricut."  It hasn't been that drastic, but I have been promising for some time to get these diapers done.  (yes, I cloth diaper, it's SO much cheaper and better for my son's skin.  I talk more about that on my other blogs.) 

but anyhoo, I'm putting down my cricut for the day (I swear I heard it whimper "don't you love me anymore?") and picking my my much neglected sewing machine.

Hey, maybe I'll post a pic of all the tush covers I make today! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Over the next few weeks, I'll be updating and changing around my blog.  I'm going to make it look a little more "professional" and something that fits my creativity. 

I am also so excited that Momo posted a thingy (brainfarts-r-us lately) about people with a few followers.  I LOVE my followers- they are brimming with energy, excitement and creative juices.  Throw that in a blender and you get one intense smoothie.  Anyhoo, I think I may have a blog candy give away.  I have some Inkadoo stamps I've never used, but love and am downsizing my craft area, so if I've never used it, it's got to go.  I want more stalkers though, but in the mean-time I am figuring this all out. for example, if my video camera is compatible with my computer.  After all, it still takes tape!

Well, I'm going to bed.  Talk to everyone later.

I'm hosting a scrap/card making event...

I decided that while I adore and am addicted to paper crafting, I want to get together with friends for a few hours one day to make some stuff.  :)  I have my guest list assembled, and I've had a few responses to my very limited space.  I am allowing children to watch the movie and eat popcorn in the living room, have clear juice/ lemonade, etc- my thing is:  how do I do it?  I have EXTREMELY limited space.  (like 2 bedroom apartment small! but I want to have a great time.  I tend to spread myself out when I work, and I'm assuming I'm not the only one.

I have NO clue on theme.  I DO have food down. That's another thing I"m good at- making snacks and junk foods... 

I think since my anniversary was yesterday, and I'm going to want to scrapbook all the pictures that I took between the Opry and the Wildhorse Saloon, I'll do a "romance" themed weekend maybe?  Either that or I'm doing a "ties that bind" family scrap event.  The girls that are coming are military (all of us Army Wives), and I have to get Charlie's scrap book done, this will be good!    I think I've found my theme!!  Military and Family.  I'm going to call it Ties that Bind. :)  Rock on!  Thanks everyone, theme accomplished!

WOOHOO!  I'm even more excited now! 

Now I just have to pick a few movies for the kiddos to watch.  Thank God for Neflix streaming through the x-box!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Goofin' Around...

One of my BFF's Hana absolutely LOVES Goofy.  I just got the Mickey and Friends cartridge, so it seemed like a perfect fit!  Here's my Goofy card for Hana:

The papers are from My Mind's Eye, and I ran the green paper through the cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots folder.  Goofy was cut at 4 1/4 inches using generic cardstock (I have NO clue who made it, I break down my packets when I get them).  The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.  I get all my ribbons on sale and in the fabric section- why just use scrapbooking ribbon?  that's limiting myself IMO.  Anyhoo the papers were cut 1/4" smaller than my card, and the green was cut to go just about 1/2 way down the orange.  ATG'd it all together, and Goofy is up on pop dots.  I could have done SO MUCH MORE to this card, but I really wanted to keep it simple.  There are times I get away from myself and put much more into a card than is necessary.  It's good to keep things basic and simple sometimes, and this is a VERY simple card that looks much more complicated than it is!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first anniversary card!

So tomorrow is my first anniversary to my very own Prince Charming. :)  I adore this man more than anything!  Ours was truly a fairytale romance, and it happened quickly.  If you're interested in reading about that, check out my other blog at our story.  He's absolutely the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Anyhoo, here's the card I made for our anniversary.  He's my redneck romeo, and since we had rather a fast courting period, we got married March 25, 2010 and I'm not only more in love with him today than I was when we said "I do", I made him a card for our anniversary.  (surprise!)

So, without further eloquence- my anniversary card for my king.

So, Cinderella and Prince Charming were cut at 4 inches.  I would NOT cut them smaller, because it was a pain in the butt to get all the little intricut details into it.  I used Studio G Glitter writer to cover the light blue parts (except the gloves) and since Cindy's mouth was too small to cut out, I just used my red glitter glue- also from Studio G.
For the card background, I shimmer sprayed (I'll post a tutorial on that in a few days) some beige cardstock with my homemade metallic champagne shimmer spray.  After it was dry, I matted it onto some greenish/tealish paper.  I layered them onto each other at these dimensions:
Green- 4" x 5 1/4
beige- 3 3/4" x 5"
green- 3 1/2" x 4 3/4"
I repeated this 2 more times for the inside of card.  gave it an opulence that looks nifty.  You can't really see it from the pictures, but you can see the shine from the beige paper.  super pretty!
anyhoo- I have my hand covering my sentiment.  That's for his eyes only. :)

I am thinking I'm going to denote something on this card that shows it's our 1st anniversary.  I'll post an updated picture if I decide to do that tomorrow while he's golfing. :)

Love these new cartridges!

Okay, they're not new, but they are to me.  I made the first card for my son.  He is 4 and absolutely adores Pluto!  (the dog, not the planet)  So, this is my Judah card.

Pluto was done cut out at 4 inches.  The tail wasn't thick enough, so I cut him out on shadow, cut the tail stub off of the outline (so I'd know where and how to place everything) glued the base to the shadow with my Zig 2-way and glued everything else on with the same thing.  Around the collar, I used Studio G glitter glue that I got at Joann's.  I have him sitting on some green paper that I had in my stash- no clue who designed it- and used my ATG to attach it to the card.  The card was premade and is 4 x 5 1/2.  Pluto was VERY easy to put together!  He's from the Mickey and Friends cartridge.

This is my Judah 

my CardzTv challenge

Ok, so Mary over at CardzTv has issued a bunny challenge this week!  She's making a bunny card every day.  I unfortunately have the want, but not the time to do so, so I made 4 mini 3x3 cards. 

This is a mini 3x3 card.  For the bunny I used Winter Wonderland cartridge cut at 1 1/2 inches.  For the daffodils, I used the Walk In My Garden daffodil border cut at 2 1/2 inches.  For the middle of the flower, I chalked the flower in a goldenrod chalk color.

for the bunny I used a glitter glue (don't know the name) for the tail.  I would have used flocking if I had it, and after s/he was assembled, I sprayed him with a shimmer spray I made. 

I'll post all details in an edit a little later, I just wanted to get this in before I ran to grab dinner!


My cartridges came in this morning!  My hubster is goign to get them (sent to our PO box!) and he's in that area this morning anyway, so it's going to be FRIGGING awesome!

I can't WAIT to get my hands on these cartridges!  Funny thing, is theyr'e carts most people have already. So here's what I ordered:
Mickey and Friends
Pooh Bear cartridge (don't know the formal name, it came as a bundle with the Mickey cart.)
Life's a beach
Happily Ever After
Dreams Come True
Stand and Salute
A Walk in my garden.

I'm SUPER jazzed.  I'm going to be doing a TON of cards with this!

Now, onto Mary's challenge from Cardz TV.  (I just love her!)  She challenged us to do a bunny card.  I'm doing a 3x3 card.  My daughter wants to give some cards to her friends, so I am going to kill two birds with one stone here.  I'm going to make bunnies in 4 or 5 different colors, I think I'm going to wait to see if I can find a bunny to use out of the carts I just got, but if not, I'm going to use the bunny in Winter Woodland.  I'll be posting in just a few hours with pictures (probably from my phone, my camera doesn't like me.) of the ones I've done, of course with the tutorial. :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the happenings here.

I'm so excited, I just ordered 8 more cartridges- some I didn't have, but it's going to be awesome!  I am going to make SO MANY layouts and cards!  And of course, I"ll post them here for everyone to enjoy. :)

A friend of mine (ok, several) have told me that I need to go into business to sell the cards.  I'm not sure.  I mean I want to, but is there a market for hand-made cards, and would it be comparable to places like Hallmark or Walmart where you can just walk in and get a cheap card?  I enjoy making them, I just want to be sure that it'll be worth it to sell.

anyhoo, I also think I'm going to hold a layout class.  I have a few friends who like my creativity and I think that I'm going to offer up a class for education.  If you're in the middle TN area and want to be included, let me know.

So lastly, Mary over at Cardz TV has a bunny challenge this week.  I'm going to be making some 3x3 cards for my daughter to give out at church to her friends, and I'll make them bunny so I can pull double duty with them and get in on this challenge. :)

I'll post here when I'm done. 
blessings all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

He got me SCAL!!!

My amazing, wonderful, kick-butt husband got me a Sure Cuts A Lot for our anniversary!!!  I am having so much fun playing around with this thing, I just don't know what to do!  I see myself making TONS of fun things with this! 


I'm vibrating here with excitement.  heheheheh.  Of course, I"ll post what I make

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm getting married!

Well, technically my husband and I are already married, but now we're having a wedding.  we were supposed to last december, but considering I got pregnant two days after we got married, so we're NOW having our wedding on our 2nd anniversary, March 25, 2012!  I'm super excited.  I'm a COMPLETE DIY bride. 

I'm making my Save The Dates, wedding gown, daughter's dress, invites, food (appetizers) and I'll probably have my mom make the flowers.  I will also make our cake and food, but I'll hire some local teenagers or something to get them out on the floor hot.  Maybe see if some culinary students or something to keep them stocked. 

But anyhoo- I'm going to be making the save the dates over the next few days and I'll get a picture up when I get it done.  MAN, I'm excited!! 

Oh, my color scheme is red, brown and off-white.  (like an antique because I'm totally vintage in case you couldnt' see from my profile pic!

Friday, March 11, 2011

When Irish eyes are smiling, they're usually up to something...

So, I'm back from my trek to Nashville and I only hit JoAnn's today.  I got quite a few things not in the scrapbooking section for card making too, like I hit the flower section.  I got some different colored "hydrangeas" and plan to take them apart- in fact I'm about to do that- but they were 50% off, a bush.  total $2.50- and I have about 100 flowers on them.  MUCH cheaper than Prima flowers, (or is it Pima?  I always get that wrong) and I'm going to store them in a zip lock baggie. 

We crafty divas see things in whole new ways, huh?

So, my friend Jenn challenged me today on my facebook- I posted "sarcasm.  one of my many talents."  (Yes, I know punctuation is off.  leave me alone on it.)  She replied to the effect that I should combine that with my love of beautiful card making. 

How can I resist a challenge like that?  So Jenn, here's to you- I'm making a card just for you.  I'll post it here when I'm done. with it!

Here it is- Jenn, I hope you're proud!
I used:
white, red, black cardstock
printed "Need A Boost" in Gabrielle font size 20
cricut cartridge Tie The Knot (corset cut at 3")
zig 2 way glue pen
atg gun
EK success punch.
pop dots
Shimmer Spray (I make my own)

I folded the card to a standard size (in fact, I have several blank ones made up) 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and cut 1/2 inch of of the end of one side.  I then punched the end of the card out to give me the wave pattern.  I cut red cardstock (leftover) larger than the card and punched the long end.  I then lined them up to match and trimmed the edges.  I lined the inside "back" flap of the card in black, to really make the red and white pop. 

I then cut the corset at 3".  I cut out the blackout (NOT the shadow) in red and the "regular" with the shift on in black.  I glued them together with my 2 way pen and then sprayed them with my shimmer spray.  I matted (on pop dots) it on white just a quarter inch larger than the corset, and again on blac 1/4" larger than that and repeat with red.

I then matted the "Need A Boost" on black and red also 1/4" larger each time.  Very easy to do, but in true sarcasm style, I was going to write in white gel pen on the inside "your boobs sure do."  but I think I'll leave the mean sarcasm off of the card this time.

Although I think I am going to do a sarcasm saturday card. how funny would that be???  Tell me there aren't people you'd LOVE to send a "kiss my tuchus" card to?  Well, I have an announcement to make, but that's for a different post! :)

feeling devious!

So, I'm going to my JoAnn's today, and Michaels is 1/4 mile away from it.  I am excited because it's the first time I'm having some non-mommy time in a while!  (well I'll have my nursing son with me.  we're kinda attached at the boob.)  anyhoo, I'm goign to be getting more supplies and TONS more retail therapy going on.   I'll post a new blog when I get back, I am going to make loads of cards coming up, and invitations for my son's birthday party (in June but I wanted to start on it now) and I have to make my hubster a military scrapbook- he's becoming a recruiter and needs one. 

Man, I'm excited! 

ok, well I'll chat with you all when I get it done. have fun today, and craft something!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

I will post dimensions and stuff when I get back.  right now I'm headed out the door, but wanted to get it up!

*** Okay, so here's what I did (and trust me when I tell you- the picture does NOT do my card justice.  I had to take it with my phone) I hope you find it as easy as I did.

cardtock: Kraft, yellow, light green, medium green, dark green, gold, red
cuttlebug folder: paisley
cricut cartridges: once upon a princess, plantin schoolbook
white gel pen
pop dots (I used foam squares)
Studio G stamp "kiss me I'm Irish"
brown offray ribbon 1/4" wide
paper- "Simply Delightful" by My Mind's Eye.
dark green stamp pad.

I started with kraft card stock.  folded it into a standard A2 sized card, 5 1/2 x 4 1/4. 

I cut my medium green cardstock to 5 1/4" x 4" and ran that through the cuttlebug.  I then inked around the edges with the dark green stamp pad.   I cut the striped paper at 5 1/4 x 2 1/2.   I inked around the edges in the green stamp pad, and adhered it with my ATG gun to the green cardstock.

I then took the brown ribbon and wrapped it around that at the bottom of the striped paper, and taped it to the back (to hide the break line from the paper to stock).  I then ATG glued it down to my card stock.

I cut out the frog at 2 1/4 inches for it all and cut the lips at 3/4".  I chalked around all the edges to add dimension and adhered it using my Zig 2 way glue pen.

I then added pop dots to the back of the frog and placed him on the card.

Next, I stamped my sentiment in dark green on the same green as the frog, and matted it to the yellow, after chalking around both.  it too is on pop dots. 

finally, I did a line-dot around the edge of the kraft stock with a white gel pen.