Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the happenings here.

I'm so excited, I just ordered 8 more cartridges- some I didn't have, but it's going to be awesome!  I am going to make SO MANY layouts and cards!  And of course, I"ll post them here for everyone to enjoy. :)

A friend of mine (ok, several) have told me that I need to go into business to sell the cards.  I'm not sure.  I mean I want to, but is there a market for hand-made cards, and would it be comparable to places like Hallmark or Walmart where you can just walk in and get a cheap card?  I enjoy making them, I just want to be sure that it'll be worth it to sell.

anyhoo, I also think I'm going to hold a layout class.  I have a few friends who like my creativity and I think that I'm going to offer up a class for education.  If you're in the middle TN area and want to be included, let me know.

So lastly, Mary over at Cardz TV has a bunny challenge this week.  I'm going to be making some 3x3 cards for my daughter to give out at church to her friends, and I'll make them bunny so I can pull double duty with them and get in on this challenge. :)

I'll post here when I'm done. 
blessings all!

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  1. Hi Ruby Rose! Momo sent me your way and I know I will enjoy following your blog. ~Lu