Saturday, November 30, 2013

12 days of Christmas bloghop- day 6

Y'all, I'm starting to think blogger hates my blog.  Most times I post something, I have to do it 2 or 3 times before it takes a hint.  BUT, this is a monumental blog day for me- this is officially my 100th post!  WOOT!

OK, so you're back for another day and I'm so glad you're here!  This is my napkin ring for Christmas.  Yes, it's holding a washcloth only because I haven't sewn any napkins yet, BUT they're coming. :)

Here's what you'll need:
various beads
memory wire
jingle bells (small)
round nose pliers.

crimp one of the ends of the memory wire (I cut it to a length I wanted and was able to get a few out of 1 wire) string beads on in random order.  Tada!  Easy and cute!  I like easy crafts.  I also like pretty and simple.

What is the worst gift you've gotten for Christmas?  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow with another bout of awesome fabulousity!

Here's the lineup in case you get lost:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE

Friday, November 29, 2013

12 days of Christmas Bloghop- day 5

Hey guys, have I told y'all how much I REALLY love the Dollar Tree?  Because I do.  And I have to say that thanks to it, it has kept me from making card after card for this hop.  While there's nothing wrong with cards, I like to go to a hop for inspiration (and I've gotten a TON of inspiration already!).  Speaking of, let's pause a moment to give Lisa from Honeybearz Designs a hand for putting on such an AMAZING hop with tons of amazing projects with some VERY talented ladies and some great give-aways to boot!  I'm REALLY excited to be a part of this again this year!

So, back to the dollar tree.  Yeah, they have some really pretty stockings there this year.  I decided to get two for this project.

BIG shout-out to my friend Donna who has saved my butt on 2 projects (one I'm showing soon) by generously donating wire hangers and polyfil!  (yes, my friends are awesomeness in leather vests because they know how random and creative I can be and also help to support my habits!)

For one you will need:
pre-made stocking.
polyfil stuffing
hand-needle and matching thread.

Stuff the stocking with the polyfil until desired fluffy size.  Whip stitch (or invisible stitch) the top closed.  voila!  Instant Christmas pillows for your decorating needs!  how cute would these be for the kids for their beds to decorate their rooms?

As usual, here's the lineup.  Don't forget to leave everyone some love on their blogs!  I know hitting the end of the hop it can get pretty tedious, but we do appreciate it!  Thanks so much for coming and I'll see you tomorrow with another crazy project!!
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~  <------- YOU ARE HERE

Thursday, November 28, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bloghop- Day 4

 Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit my little corner of the crafty world!  We are on day 4 of the hop, and I'm so thankful for YOU!  (no really!)  If it weren't for you coming to my blog, I would definitely be less creative than I am.   I mean, after all- who would I showcase my crafting to if you didn't care?  So thank you!

Here is today's project:  (see, still no card!  I'm rather proud of myself for that!)
Isn't it pretty?  It is such a simple country touch.  I love country Christmas stuff.

What you'll need:

ribbon (hobby lobby during one of their 50% off sales!)
pine cones (scout your yard, a neighbor's yard, etc.)
hot glue gun.

pick out an odd number of pine cones.  IDK why, but things just look better in odd numbers like that.  Don't believe me look at a professionally decorated room- things paired will always be in odd numbers!  I chose 7 of the best ones I had.  (more pinecone awesomeness coming in a future blog during this hop.)

clear the tops of the pinecones to make sure there is a small space- for example one of mine had a small branch where the cone had fallen, just pick it off, or cut it with scissors.

Take ribbon in various sizes and make a loop and tie the ends together.  Make sure it's long enough to let the pinecones hang at various lengths.  Snip off ends close to the knot.

Put a dab of hot glue at the center of the top of the cone and adhere your ribbon.  VOILA!

Once cool, hang them on your finger and adjust them to get the size you want.  I then took more ribbon, made a bow and tied it around the ribbons that were hanging because that's what I like.  TADA!  project cost me < $1.10 (counting the hot glue stick  otherwise it would have been a dollar for just the ribbon!)  pinecones were free because kids went nuts getting them in the yard. :)

Ok, my question today as it is Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for in the crafty world?  Me- aside from all of you wonderful people who view my blog, I'm thankful for ingenious little tools like the Martha Stewart score boards, or punches, or mousepads that make stamping easier.  I am thankful for creativity INSIDE the crafting world!

Ok, so here's the lineup and don't forget Lisa is giving away some awesome goodies thanks to some amazing sponsors!  Check out their stuff if you have time to do it!!  Be blessed, and see you tomorrow!!

1. Lisa ~
Our Day 4 Guest Designer Spot is: Ashley  
2. Pam -
3. Sheila - 
4. Teresa-
5. Scrappin Madge
6. Miranda -
7. Robin Lane -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
9. Deb Rodgerson
10.Theresa -
11. Sandy-
12. Diana -
13. Alicia
14.  Lucy ~
15.  Lori ~
16. Beth~
17. Shawnee~
18. Thia~
19. Inga ~
20. Heather~  <------ YOU ARE HERE!
21. Denise
22. Kathy -
23. Daphne -
24. Anna -
25. Jessica -

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 days of Christmas Bloghop- day 3

Is it day 3 already?!  Seriously?  It is going so fast for me at least.  

So, what did I cook up for today's project?  SO glad you asked!  I made a wreath.  Now this I put around a vase to dress it up.  This vase (yes!  it has a candle in it, ok?!) I got at a Christmas store about 4 years ago and never did anything with it.  It was waiting for this, apparently.  

Isn't that pretty?  Would you believe it's all paper?  It is!  and had I planned it instead of having immediate inspiration late in the day on the 26th, I would have gotten it done sooner, and made it even better, but what can you do when creativity hits last minute?

What you'll need:
2 VERY CLOSE colors of olive green papers- about 5 of each of 12x12 (more or less...)
a dollar store green foam wreath (craft aisle.)
gold ribbon- dollar tree
Martha Steward pine branch punch (Amazon)
elmers glue.

btw, While I give credit to Martha for her AMAZEBALLS punch, I kind of want to punch her in the face for making such an awesome product that gave me a horrific hand cramp.  Why you ask?  Oh, because you only need a squagillion (technical mathematical term) and two of those frigging little pine branches.    That's ok, because it looks like you put the work into it, and if you plan it, you can cut them out while doing something mind-numbing like watching reruns of supernatural.  Don't judge me.

So, how do you do it?  Well, in my genius, I totally forgot to take pictures of the process, BUT if you're familiar with cutting and pasting from kindergarten, you'll have no problem with this!   Basically, apply the glue, and put on the little pine branches.  Only the "bottom" part, you want it to be slightly fluffy and not flat.  If you do that, it'll look a LOT more realistic.

Elmers rocks for this, 1- you have plenty of time to work with it, 2- it dries clear.

Ok, and my question- favorite Christmas drink?  Hello Eggnog for me (and my kids- the hubster won't touch it!).  I found a recipe for eggless eggnog too- french vanilla pudding and milk and rum extract (for those of us who are consistently pregnant and "shouldn't" drink.) and nutmeg.  I'm trying it this year, but here's that recipe- and iwth a 4 out of 5 star rating, I'm pretty sure it'll be good!

So, where are you, where are you going:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <------- YOU ARE HERE!

Have fun hopping and I'll see you lovelies tomorrow with another project!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12 days of Christmas bloghop- day 2

What's up peeps? You're back!  I'm so happy that you've stuck through it this long!  I am LOVING being part of this group again!  Lisa was gracious enough to have me as a guest designer for 5 days last year.  She asked if I wanted to do it again, and I JUMPED on it.  (guess I should have said so last time!)

I am trying so hard to avoid making a card for this hop.  I LOVE cards, don't get me wrong, but I want something else to inspire you to get into the Christmasy spirit!  SO, some of my projects will be paper (as my name implies!) and some will not be- like yesterday.

TODAY is a combo.  Yes, I"m technically using paper.  It's just going on something else. :)

So, yesterday I made a glitter candle (and if you didn't see it, it's.HERE.)  well, technically I made 2, but that's ok you get my drift.  I REALLY love candles as they offer such a great ambiance!

Today's project is... candle holders.  (fanfare seemed kind of lax on that one.)  But they're pretty and not just any candle holders- they're frosted.  and printed.  and so fun!

So, you'll need:
3 dollar store candle holder vase thingies (I rather like the dollar tree...)
adhesive of some sort (I used my ATG gun)
a computer and printer.

Yes, another easy peasy project!

go into Word.  If you don't have Word, fake like you do and figure out what you need to make this work for you.  Go into word and flip your page to landscape. Print out your favorite bible verse pertaining to Christmas or your favorite Christmas carols.  I've used Christmas carols because I'm saving my fav bible verse for some artwork that will be shown later in this hop... IF I can figure out how to do it. :/

The songs I used are O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Silent Night, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.  I was epic and awesome and included a PDF so you can just print them out yourself!  **It won't let me upload a PDF, so if you email me at, I will GLADLY send it to you!**

So, how do you get these snazzy things onto your candle holders?  You print them out, and trim them to the size you need, and tape up the back like I show you in the pics.  Couldn't be easier, huh?  

Here's what I did step by step WITH pictures (because I love you!):
Step 1:  print your carol on landscape.  

Step 2:  measure around candle holder (see this is why you need it on landscape.)  The top will overhang.  No biggie.

Step 3:  Crease top of vellum to give you a point to cut off.

Step 4:  Slice just under that crease.  Also flip over the saying and slice about 1/8th off the bottom.

Step 5:  put your adhesive on 1 edge of the vellum- staying VERY close to the edge.

Step 6:  wrap all the way around your vase, making sure that the lip is clear of the vellum.  if you need to, trim off more.

Step 7:  repeat for other 2 candle holders.

Step 8:  Insert candles and rock the super easy candle holders that you just made  WHAT??? how easy and awesome was that?!

Thanks for stopping by, and yesterday you answered your fav Christmas memory- now, you're going to tell me what is your Christmas eve ritual?  Ours is starting this year.  I'm making pajama pants for everyone for Christmas this year and we're going to watch the Nativity Story.  We watch it every year, but I'm starting a tradition by doing this. :)

OK, so here's the lineup:
4. Teresa-

Monday, November 25, 2013

12 days of Christmas blog hop

Hello shiny, happy people!  Are you ready for some Christmas?

Have you been enjoying yourselves so far?  Here's the lineup in case you're lost.  If you're here due to this hop, keep going!  If your'e here because you're awesome, and you love what I do, please start at Lisa's blog and then join us.  By this point, you're ready to grab some hot chocolate and sing FA LA LA LA LA as loud as you can, right?  am I the only one who gets into the Christmas spirit that much?  I know I'm not. :)

Well, I've eased into this blog today, with something everyone can do!  No really, you can do this!

Glitter candles!!!  I have quite a few candles lined up for you for the next 12 days because to me, they're really an essential part of the whole Christmas atmosphere.

What you need:
unscented candles (dollar store has some pillars that work- it's where I got mine.)
white glue
paper (optional)

I didn't include photo instructions or a video because I figured if you're smart enough to read, you're smart enough to do this pre-school difficulty level project, LOL!  Oh, and ignore the dust on my piano- I didn't realize that it desperately needed to be dusted when I took the photos!   Boy, nothing brings out the imperfections like a high quality DLSR camera lens, HUH??? LOL!

Here's how you do it- the first one I glued the bottom 1/2 of my candle.  seriously, just smudge it on there with your finger.  If you want a perfectly straight line, take some paper and wrap it around the candle making sure it's perpendicular.  (big word, early in the morning!)

After you've glued the candle, sprinkle with glitter and let it dry.  Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!  Seriously can not be easier to decorate.  SO much more coming in the next 12 days. :)  I can't wait to help you get inspired.

Ok, now challenge for you:  write your best Christmas memory in the comments below.  I LOVE getting ideas for my kids.  Ours isn't the presents, or the tree, it's the piling into the car with some homemade hot chocolate and going "light hunting".   That and our gingerbread house competition we do every year!  Looking back on Christmas for us wasn't about the presents, it was about making the memories, and I'm so glad that I'm able to do that with my kids.