Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12 days of Christmas bloghop- day 2

What's up peeps? You're back!  I'm so happy that you've stuck through it this long!  I am LOVING being part of this group again!  Lisa was gracious enough to have me as a guest designer for 5 days last year.  She asked if I wanted to do it again, and I JUMPED on it.  (guess I should have said so last time!)

I am trying so hard to avoid making a card for this hop.  I LOVE cards, don't get me wrong, but I want something else to inspire you to get into the Christmasy spirit!  SO, some of my projects will be paper (as my name implies!) and some will not be- like yesterday.

TODAY is a combo.  Yes, I"m technically using paper.  It's just going on something else. :)

So, yesterday I made a glitter candle (and if you didn't see it, it's.HERE.)  well, technically I made 2, but that's ok you get my drift.  I REALLY love candles as they offer such a great ambiance!

Today's project is... candle holders.  (fanfare seemed kind of lax on that one.)  But they're pretty and not just any candle holders- they're frosted.  and printed.  and so fun!

So, you'll need:
3 dollar store candle holder vase thingies (I rather like the dollar tree...)
adhesive of some sort (I used my ATG gun)
a computer and printer.

Yes, another easy peasy project!

go into Word.  If you don't have Word, fake like you do and figure out what you need to make this work for you.  Go into word and flip your page to landscape. Print out your favorite bible verse pertaining to Christmas or your favorite Christmas carols.  I've used Christmas carols because I'm saving my fav bible verse for some artwork that will be shown later in this hop... IF I can figure out how to do it. :/

The songs I used are O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Silent Night, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.  I was epic and awesome and included a PDF so you can just print them out yourself!  **It won't let me upload a PDF, so if you email me at thepaperjunkie@gmail.com, I will GLADLY send it to you!**

So, how do you get these snazzy things onto your candle holders?  You print them out, and trim them to the size you need, and tape up the back like I show you in the pics.  Couldn't be easier, huh?  

Here's what I did step by step WITH pictures (because I love you!):
Step 1:  print your carol on landscape.  

Step 2:  measure around candle holder (see this is why you need it on landscape.)  The top will overhang.  No biggie.

Step 3:  Crease top of vellum to give you a point to cut off.

Step 4:  Slice just under that crease.  Also flip over the saying and slice about 1/8th off the bottom.

Step 5:  put your adhesive on 1 edge of the vellum- staying VERY close to the edge.

Step 6:  wrap all the way around your vase, making sure that the lip is clear of the vellum.  if you need to, trim off more.

Step 7:  repeat for other 2 candle holders.

Step 8:  Insert candles and rock the super easy candle holders that you just made  WHAT??? how easy and awesome was that?!

Thanks for stopping by, and yesterday you answered your fav Christmas memory- now, you're going to tell me what is your Christmas eve ritual?  Ours is starting this year.  I'm making pajama pants for everyone for Christmas this year and we're going to watch the Nativity Story.  We watch it every year, but I'm starting a tradition by doing this. :)

OK, so here's the lineup:
4. Teresa- http://freshandrenewed.blogspot.com/


  1. What a pretty way to dress up a candle!!! Love the look when the candle is lit!

  2. Simply elegant - and I really like the frosting effect - TFS!

  3. Nice candles. They are beautiful when lit.
    Midge :)

  4. My Christmas Eve Ritual- we all open 1 package that Santa left early which is a pair of Christmas Jamas and we watch a Christmas movie.
    I love these candles !!! Thanks for the step by step tutorial!! loves- Scrappin Madge

    1. We're doing this this year! I'm making a "christmas eve box" for each kid (and the hubs!) and making some 10 minute pants- sewing skills, gotta love 'em- and adding some hot chocolate, a mug, some snacks and it's the ONLY time they'll be allowed to eat in my living room! LOL.

  5. Lovely candles.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  6. Great project thanks for sharing your art work! Thanks for the hop! http://ilikepaper01.blogspot.com/ utb 01 @ att dot net

  7. Heather, I just love your sense of humour!!! You always make me smile! :-)

    Gorgeous candle holders. At first I thought the vellum was going on the inside. DUH!!! LOL

    Our Eve tradition is opening one pressie, which is always a new set of PJ's, then snuggle in bed w/ them on!! It helps w/ the visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads. :-)

  8. awesome project! they look great with the candles glowing!
    my fav xmas eve ritual~making cookies for santa, of course!

  9. I LOVE these!! I might have to scrap lift these, they are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  10. Beautiful candles.... nice job :)

  11. Very nice, love the tutorial. Never though about vellum?! We go to a fancy restaurant wearing our fancy new dresses and suit, and then to church every Christmas Eve

  12. Wow! So I'm going to have to use this for my child's "Fairy Market" gifts. At his school, the parents make a bunch of gifts for all of the children to purchase for $2 (which goes to the school as a donation) then the gifts get wrapped for the kids to bring home to their family. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. YOU ROCK!!! As do these candle holders!

  13. These are beautiful! "LOVE" the idea & appreciate you sharing the details. =)


  14. Sorry I missed the question. Reading the nativity story.

  15. Very pretty candle project!! Our Christmas eve tradition is to give everyone one gift to open and usually it's pjs for each child. The kids love it and wear them on Christmas morning!!

  16. These look so good when lit! Thanks for sharing! As for favorite Christmas Eve ritual, we have Christmas Eve bags. We get to open whatever is wrapped inside. Since it's just me and the hubby, we usually put in a movie, a puzzle, etc. Something we can watch or do on Christmas Eve.

  17. These look beautiful!

  18. Great candle holders...and ours is a candle light service on the eve!

  19. Stunning!!! And so simple!!

    On Christmas Eve we usually all have a nice dinner together and watch a Christmas movie!