Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School Bloghop

Hello all Junkies!  

Today is the awesome Thankful Thursday Design Team bloghop and you should have come over from the amazing Jenny from! If you didn't start there and come back because she's got some goodies for you!   She is giving away some really awesome bags from Jaded Blossom (for some stupid reason my computer won't let me upload that!  It'll let me upload a billion and one other pictures but the ones from Jenny won't.  I think it has to do with my settings, but I digress...) but you have to comment on everyone's blog to be entered. :)  

We homeschool so this year we're working on these subjects for my 3rd grader- Zoe.  Judah has a few notebooks too, but I did the tutorial with this.

This is obviously not the only thing you can do to trick out your composition notebooks but I needed them functional, not OCD awesome!  Now you watched that, you're headed over to Leah to see what super yummy back to school project she has! :)

And just in case you get lost, here's the lineup:

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Heather - <------------------ you are here!  Thanks for coming!
Leah -

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fairies Galore!

Zoe.  My sweet wonderful Zoe.  She acted so bad 2 days ago that her dad warned her and warned her about her attitude.  It got to the point that we said if she kept it up, we'd cancel her party.

Long story short, we cancelled her party.

Anyhoo, I'm not about to put all of my pom pom decorations to waste.  This idea I had for her room for a long time coming.  Fairies and bright colors!  I mean, every fairy needs a good place for her creativity and bright colors for her stimulation, right?  And when the twins move into her room it'll be decorated and I won't have to do a thing!

Where are the actual fairies, you ask?  Good question!  as you read this, I'm finishing them up on my gypsy and will be cutting the vinyl today and applying them from the Disney- Tinkerbell and friends cartridge.  the leaves were from Gypsy Wanderings and the hibiscus flowers were from Life's A Beach.

Catch ya on the flipside!


Monday, August 20, 2012

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

A crafter from a site that I'm on on Facebook did some vinyl on her door, inspiring me (and several others) to do the same!  We take such care in decorating the inside of our homes, why not the outside?  Well, I live on military post housing so I have to be careful not only what I put where, but what language it's in.

I threw caution to the wind and decided to do it.  If you remember from the St. Patty's Day blog hop I did a box that says Cead Mile Failte which means 100,000 welcomes in Gaelic (old Irish).  Well, I threw caution to the wind and decided to put it on my door.  No, not the little box, I cut it out of vinyl!

I'm so jazzed about this.  I cut it out with my SCAL.  I used my super powers of SVG creation and even made the celtic knot.  I know.  Fabulousness.  And yes, I realized after I put it on that it's slightly askew.  oh well.  I call it "character"!

Wanna see it?  Here it is:

I LOVE it!  Actually I got a random guy on post walking his dog said "Wow!  That looks really good!"

So, Heather tested, neighbor approved! :)  now, if only the kids were...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Zoe.

Zoe is turning 8.  My baby girl is turning 8!  While some people will tell me "just wait until..."  this is the season of life that I'm in right now.  Getting pregnant with Zoe is a long story that I'm not going to go into here, just know that a very hard-sought baby came in the wonderful world of my sweet little bundle of blue-eyed bouncing energetic and very helpful joy that is my stb 8 year old daughter. :)

When I asked Zoe what type of birthday party she wanted this year, I was told.. "ugh, I don't know." in that uber-dramatic preteen way.  yay.  hormones starting already.  this is going to be fuuuuuuun.  I, in hopes that she would hold on to her youth just a little while longer, suggested a fairy themed party.  At first I got the eye roll, but then she started thinking about it when I worded the invitations.  She fell in love with the idea!  I'm so excited, because I love the idea of fairies.  Secretly I always have, not to the point of collecting them, but I've always liked that fairy (ha!) tale part of our heritage.

So, we're starting with the invitations.   No, they're not messed up, I have blocked out my address and phone number.

I printed them on a parchment type paper and I inked around the edge with Stampin' Up's river rock (I became a consultant for the discount.  Shameless plug- if you want anything, let me know) and sprayed them with my champagne shimmer spray.  I repeated both steps on both sides.

Then, I rolled it up, wrapped it with a ribbon and sprayed down a butterfly from Michaels (pack of 12 in the floral section)  with a purple shimmer spray I made (as long as there is metallic paint, you can make this!) and tucked in the butterfly.

We're hand-delivering them on Saturday during our walk with our new puppy.

I have more party stuff coming! and check it- I didn't use my cricut!  (yet).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday DT Blog Hop

Is Jenny not the most talented woman ever?  I love her stuff!  So, this is the Whatcha been doing this summer blog hop and you're here on my page!   We have some great stuff lined up for you and it's sponsored by Square 1.  (Jenny supplied a picture that for some reason won't load for me!)

What did YOU do this summer?  Starting in April (my summer started) I had my twins, moved to Alabama, and finally set up house, and celebrated my son's birthday.  Zoe's 8th birthday is coming up so we're working on decorations for her party.  (I know, where did the time go?!)  Cool thing is they're also doubling as decorations around the house.

So, what we did this summer- get the house set up and make up a bazillion paper flowers, and pom poms.  Here's the blog for the roses.  They literally look so real I just want to smell them!

I am going to make them in tons of different colors:  a scarlet color, and a cream color to match my home decor and different pinks to match her room which we're overhauling in fairies and butterflies.  I love that my 8 year old isn't into pop stars; much better decorating ideas.

Ok, so my favorite roses (in real life) are Veteran's Honor (a GORGEOUS red rose) and Pope John Paul (brilliant white) and the Nancy Reagan (a beautiful creamy light peach).

Here's what I made:
It looks so real, I keep trying to smell it!

So here's what you'll need:
flat coffee filters,
22 gauge wire (that I doubled over)
floral tape.
water and acrylic paint.  I used an old one called "berry red".  and when I mean old, I mean it was about 15 years old and had no tag, just marker written "berry red".

I cut out the template from here-Martha Stewart Roses from

Now, this is a fun summer bloghop, so enjoy Leah's page!  If you get lost here's the lineup, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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