Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday Design Team Bloghop


Welcome to the Thankful Thursday Design Team Bloghop for January 26th.  This is the Valentine blog hop and I hope you like it!  You should have just come from Sharon's blog.  I LOVE her designs!  She's so flipping talented!!  If you didn't, start from the beginning at Jenny's Blog.

I'm doing it a little differently today.  Here's my very first tutorial!  I'm so stinking excited.   Sorry for the shortcomings, I've learned for my next tute. :D

Ok, so what you will need to replicate this:
Kraft cardstock
Paper- Paper Studio's Ooh La la;  I used the pink houndstooth
cricut cartridges:  Create-a-Critter, Lyrical Letters
Ink It up pigment ink in watermelon
white gel pen
zig 2 way glue pen
red glitter embossing powder (hobby lobby had it; it's called Tinsel embossing powder)
TPC studio stamp in Faith Greetings
Dew Drop ink in coffee bean

Hope you enjoyed!  Now on to Bobbi!  She's got something awesome for you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Changed my name and other things.

So I no longer go by my pin up name.  Yeah, I know, I still answer to Ruby (and LOVE the name!) but my given name is Heather.  I started going by that for a few reasons.  1- if I can figure out my tripod and how to set it up with my camera, I'll start doing tutorials!  (yay me!) and 2- I don't want to have to use any aliases if I ever get arrested.  No, I'm not planning on that.

So, I have 2 things coming up rather soon, on January 26th I'm going to be doing the Thankful Thursday blog hop!  It's a Valentine theme, and I'm really psyched about this! I have 2 projects that I'm doing, but since the thankful thursday is a family-friendly I will only show the one on there.  However (sneak peak) the second one is slightly "naughty".  I am doing something super fun that you can make TONS of in a very short time.  intrigued yet?  Let's just say you'll want your bedroom prepared for this ahead of time.  brown chicken, brown cow.

What else?  Oh yeah, I just got a bind-it-all!  I am IN LOVE!  HOW did I ever make books and things without this???  part of me wants to re-do my husband's military book because of it!  I am doing a few baby books soon, my friend Amber is having a baby in the next few days and of course, I want something set up for my twins, and I just made a journal, and oh yeah, I also have some smash books I want to do, etc- I'm going to have a ton of time on my hands for about 2 weeks in March.  Z and J go to Mississippi with their father.

The twins are doing well.  I'm sitting at 24 weeks this week, and the doctor put me on bed rest.  I. am. bored. out. of. my. skull!  But, it's an excellent excuse to craft, huh?!

I'll be posting SUPER soon!  love all of ya, and ttyl!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holy Crap! and Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's been since October since I've posted anything.

Ok so one of my new year's resolutions is to create more and post on my blog(s) more.  So, in honor of that, I am posting today to wish everyone of my favorite stalkers a VERY Happy Crafty New Year!  I have a list of about 18 or 20 things I'm resolving to accomplish this year!  Blogging and crafting are definitely on top of my list.

Oh, guess what?!  I'm having twins!  Twin girls (Eliana Sabella- a derivative of Isabella but Eliana Isabella is a little too bouncy for me- and Abigail Elizabeth)   My "guess date" is around May 6th, I've already come up with a sort-of design based on my newest blog stalkee Jeannie Thompson Phillips from A Place For My Cards.  Here is her design and when I get mine done, I'll post it.  I want to find a stamp that says "...and they came two by two..." so if you find one, let me know! :)  Is her card not divine?!  I am so in love with her style!  Simple yet it doesn't look it.  :)

Hope everyone has a prosperous new year, and lets their creative juices flow and shares with me some awesome ideas!