Friday, November 26, 2010

A Big Fat Hello!

Hello and welcome to the little corner of the web that is my very own. :)  I have about a bazillion names I go by, but Ruby Rose is one you can call me. :)  Grab a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate (my fave this time of year!) and let me show you around.

I hope to have videos posted (eventually- though I'm REALLY bad at them!) to get my little corner flooded with tutorials and the like.  Like the blog implies, I'm a paper junkie!  I LOVE creating, and crafting and just making stuff.  I have been an avid scrapbooker for about 9 years and my "creations" have definitely improved since I started, but I figure we all have to start somewhere.  Even my daughter is getting into it.  She's 6, and wants to be just like mama when she grows up.  poor thing.  or should I say poor thing about her future husband???  hehee, well whichever. 

A little about me:  I am a home school mom of 2 with one on the way as of the date of this posting.  I STRIVE to be a Proverbs 31 woman as well as Titus 2.  My husband says I am, but I feel I'm always a work in progress, so we'll see. :)  I am always ready to pray with and for you so if you need some, let me know.  I am an Army wife to a man whom I adore!  Gotta love the strong southern boy type. Well, I do at least, and he loves me and together we love the Lord, and he makes me SO happy!  (could be partly because he feeds my crafting addictions!)

I love all things crafty.  Well, let me rephrase- I love MOST things crafty, and almost all things cricut. :D  I have sayings up on my walls from the vinyl I've cut out, I've etched glass and am about to do a dozen drinking glasses with our family initial on them.  I am also about to make tiered dessert plates out of glass and glass "crystal" candlesticks.  I'll post pictures of them (and cost! you'd be AMAZED at how cheap they are to do!) when I get them done, as well as chain myself to blue.  Blue is my sewing machine, and is named blue because my sewing machine had a ton of blue before it faded to a silver-grayish color.  I have about a billion and one things to sew over the next 2 weeks before the baby comes (Don't know when the baby's coming, just know I'm due anytime.).

Well, I will post pictures of me and my family until then and maybe some projects I'm working on.  Until then, check out my other blogspot sites, this is just 1 of 7, so enjoy! :)