About me:

Hey Y'all!

If you don't know how crazy I am by now, stick around- I'll unveil my nuts-o to you soon. :)

I'm a ridiculously busy mom of 5- with one on the way!  No, I'm not a glutton for punishment, I just really, REALLY love kids!  I'm also an Army wife to the most amazing man ever... who just happens to support my addictions and habits of crafting!  He loves me more than life itself, (and it's reciprocated) and I love saving him money by creating and selling things.

I'm a motorcycle mama and a supportive Aux member of my husband for the CVMA- Combat Vets Motorcycle Association.  Yes, I'm the eye candy on the back of the hubster's bike.

I create SVG files and most are free to use for you- and they're coming soon. :)  (if I can figure out how to get blogger to work to do that!)

OH!  I'm also a photographer- went to school for it, and I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself. :)

Drop a line, I love to hear from you!  ThePaperJunkie@gmail.com

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