Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday Design Team Fall Blog Hop!!!

Hello all you sassy divas and dudes!  Are you having fun yet?  You've been to some amazing blogs so far.  Wasn't Lola's the cutest?!  She's so flipping talented. If you didn't come from Lola HERE then go see Jenny HERE and start at the beginning.  Then come back and tell me how fabulous I am and how much you love this idea.  (Even if you don't think either is true!)

Okay, so here's my Thankful Thursday Design Team Fall Blog Hop Design.  Don't forget to leave a comment on everyone's blog to qualify for Crazyaboutcricut's grand prize!~ a Celebrate with Flourish  Cricut cartridge (and if you don't have it, you'll want it- believe me!)

Autumn Brag Book.
What I used:
cardstock (cut 2 for each page, glued together)
tons of orange paper I've had for almost 10 years!  (Don't judge me.  I'm finally cleaning out my stash, a little at a time...)
cricut cartridges: Create-a-critter, Designer's Calendar (font), Elegant Edges (tags)
cuttlebug, paisley embossing folder
black ink
rhinestones (Michael's dollar bin)
buttons  (Mary from Cardztv would be so proud! LOL!)
coffee died bedspread weight crochet yarn because I'm the one crafting dork on the planet that does NOT have twine yet.
glue dots
binder ring, crop-a-dile
1/8" black ribbon
martha stewart ribbon bows that I got on clearance from Walmart

 You can sort of see it here, but I ran the front and back through the cuttlebug.  Of course, it's too big to go through once, so I had to flip it around and pray that no one saw the line.  Luckily, you can't here but you can on the back.  I inked up the raised up part so you could see it, not thinking.  So, I fudged it a little and covered that line with the ribbon, which I cut long enough to come around to the front and tie to hold the book closed (when it's going to have pictures and final embellishments in it.Using my gypsy I sized the pumpkins from Create-a-critter at 5.06 inches.  If you don't have the gypsy, you can do it at 5, or honestly any size you'd like.  I cut "brag book" at 2.45 inches tall.  I welded them together with the Gypsy.   (love that thing!)  I used the Designer's Calendar font in script.  Then I cut the tags and backgrounds at 3 inches on oblong from Elegant Edges.
 As you can see, each page is different.  I love it!  Oh, if you're wondering how I got the bottoms, I cut more pumpkins out of paper, and lined the bottoms up at 2" and trimmed off the tops.  Of course, I ATG'd everything together (my glue of choice)

See, I ended up gluing some ribbon to cover that line, but I like how the paisley folder helped immensely with the design.

Oh, before I forget, after I had all of the cuts together, (before I added any embellishment or tags) I lined them all up and in one swoop, punched a hole in the side with the crop-a-dile.  I LOVE that thing, just had to do it one time.  awesome little bugger.

Well, that's my show for today.  I hope that you liked it, and I know I'm missing explanation so if you'd like clarification, I'll edit it, just ask me your questions. :)

Don't forget go hop on over (ha!  get the pun?!) to Leah.  She's got an awesome project for you too!!!  All the ladies on this blog hop have some pretty awesome projects, honestly!  Leave comments and enjoy the rest of the hop!!!  (And in case a link gets broken by the internet gremlins, I've included everyone's blog down below for you!)

Here's the lineup:
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reports of my death are GREATLY exaggerated.

I'm still here!!  I'm alive and kicking.  The "old bird" is still clucking.  Homeschooling and my school has taken up quite a bit of my time, so I apologize that it's been forever since I've posted. It's been forever since I've crafted anything.

I am making something for the Thankful Thursday Design Team blog hop on Thursday, and I hope that you guys like it! It's fall related, so you should be jazzed.  I know I am!!  It's so stinking cute...

Hope to see you all around my corner in a few days, and don't forget to come back and visit often.  I"ll be putting more stuff up in a little while, and you're gonna LOVE it!