Monday, November 25, 2013

12 days of Christmas blog hop

Hello shiny, happy people!  Are you ready for some Christmas?

Have you been enjoying yourselves so far?  Here's the lineup in case you're lost.  If you're here due to this hop, keep going!  If your'e here because you're awesome, and you love what I do, please start at Lisa's blog and then join us.  By this point, you're ready to grab some hot chocolate and sing FA LA LA LA LA as loud as you can, right?  am I the only one who gets into the Christmas spirit that much?  I know I'm not. :)

Well, I've eased into this blog today, with something everyone can do!  No really, you can do this!

Glitter candles!!!  I have quite a few candles lined up for you for the next 12 days because to me, they're really an essential part of the whole Christmas atmosphere.

What you need:
unscented candles (dollar store has some pillars that work- it's where I got mine.)
white glue
paper (optional)

I didn't include photo instructions or a video because I figured if you're smart enough to read, you're smart enough to do this pre-school difficulty level project, LOL!  Oh, and ignore the dust on my piano- I didn't realize that it desperately needed to be dusted when I took the photos!   Boy, nothing brings out the imperfections like a high quality DLSR camera lens, HUH??? LOL!

Here's how you do it- the first one I glued the bottom 1/2 of my candle.  seriously, just smudge it on there with your finger.  If you want a perfectly straight line, take some paper and wrap it around the candle making sure it's perpendicular.  (big word, early in the morning!)

After you've glued the candle, sprinkle with glitter and let it dry.  Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!  Seriously can not be easier to decorate.  SO much more coming in the next 12 days. :)  I can't wait to help you get inspired.

Ok, now challenge for you:  write your best Christmas memory in the comments below.  I LOVE getting ideas for my kids.  Ours isn't the presents, or the tree, it's the piling into the car with some homemade hot chocolate and going "light hunting".   That and our gingerbread house competition we do every year!  Looking back on Christmas for us wasn't about the presents, it was about making the memories, and I'm so glad that I'm able to do that with my kids.


  1. I might just use this for the craft for my daughters class party. They turn out great! We "light hunt" too! On Christmas Eve, my brothers would always sleep in my room with me. Now my kids do it too. My boys sleep in my daughters room with her. They put "A Christmas Story" in the dvd player and just giggle for hours before sleeping. (We did this at my parents house until I got married! I hope my kids do too :)
    Midge :)

  2. What a fun technique! Thanks for sharing it!
    Beth's Beauties

  3. Heather- this is great I need to make some for my home thanks so much for this fun inspiration!! Loves-Scrappin Madge

  4. OMG, you had me GMBO when you said:-
    I didn't include photo instructions or a video because I figured if you're smart enough to read, you're smart enough to do this pre-school difficulty level project, LOL!

    Looooove your glittered candle! TFS! :-)

  5. Fun project. I never thought of doing this. I usually just had a poinsettia to mine and call it a day.
    My favorite was also going light hunting has you call it. First My kids and then my grandkids. Can't wait until the great-grand kids get old enough to be able to take them.
    Vickie Bryan

  6. What a great idea and so festive! We'd pack up the kids and drive around looking at the lights and decor at holiday time and then come home and have a snack - good times - TFS your project.

  7. Great idea for jazzing up all the Christmas candles. Thanks so much for sharing.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  8. Such a pretty way to bling up some plain candles!!!!

  9. Cute candles - love the sparkle.
    Following you with Google friend connect.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  10. Sounds like they are easy to make & a good gift. Your picture looks pretty relaxing…I might have to go light a candle here @ our house. =)


  11. Love Pre- K projects, lol. My Xmas memory is getting my new pj and movie the night before. Had to look good for Xmas morning pics, lol. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day,
    ♥ Scrapbook Blessings Club DT ♥
    ♥ A Working Mom's Joy ♥

  12. Wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing.

    Robin Lane

  13. Great idea to really spice up candles for gifts! Love me some glitter!!

  14. Awesome idea which I'm totally gonna attempt!!! Gives it that extra something!! And who doesn't love glitter???

    Bug hugs,

  15. Glitter candles are so much fun! I agree they add a lot of sparkle for the Christmas season. Great job!

  16. Super glitter candles - I am looking forward to see the other candles - Thanks for the hop and thanks for sharing your art! utb 01 @ att dot net

  17. I forgot to leave my fav xmas memory! watching my child's eyes on Christmas morning! it is magical!

  18. My favorite Christmas is hard to chose....I love all of them with my children and grandchildren,,, but my absolute favorite was when I heard Santa on the roof when I was 8 tears old :)

  19. Love that glitter! As for favorite Christmas memory, I will never forget the Christmas when I received a fairly large box. Inside my mom had individually wrapped every single piece of furniture for my dollhouse. Later that day, my dad and I went out into the garage, cut, and built my dollhouse from scratch. Then my mom and I used wallpaper samples and decorated all the walls. It was a very special dollhouse for me!

  20. Very pretty candles!

  21. Love your festive candle! Mine is the excitement of when the kids were young and would wake up to all the festivities and play all day! Love those times!

  22. Very pretty! I think this is something I could do with my daughter this year!

    My kids are late risers... even on Christmas! I love to go in and wake them up early and get them all excited! It's so fun to watch them realize Christmas is finally here!