Friday, March 11, 2011

When Irish eyes are smiling, they're usually up to something...

So, I'm back from my trek to Nashville and I only hit JoAnn's today.  I got quite a few things not in the scrapbooking section for card making too, like I hit the flower section.  I got some different colored "hydrangeas" and plan to take them apart- in fact I'm about to do that- but they were 50% off, a bush.  total $2.50- and I have about 100 flowers on them.  MUCH cheaper than Prima flowers, (or is it Pima?  I always get that wrong) and I'm going to store them in a zip lock baggie. 

We crafty divas see things in whole new ways, huh?

So, my friend Jenn challenged me today on my facebook- I posted "sarcasm.  one of my many talents."  (Yes, I know punctuation is off.  leave me alone on it.)  She replied to the effect that I should combine that with my love of beautiful card making. 

How can I resist a challenge like that?  So Jenn, here's to you- I'm making a card just for you.  I'll post it here when I'm done. with it!

Here it is- Jenn, I hope you're proud!
I used:
white, red, black cardstock
printed "Need A Boost" in Gabrielle font size 20
cricut cartridge Tie The Knot (corset cut at 3")
zig 2 way glue pen
atg gun
EK success punch.
pop dots
Shimmer Spray (I make my own)

I folded the card to a standard size (in fact, I have several blank ones made up) 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and cut 1/2 inch of of the end of one side.  I then punched the end of the card out to give me the wave pattern.  I cut red cardstock (leftover) larger than the card and punched the long end.  I then lined them up to match and trimmed the edges.  I lined the inside "back" flap of the card in black, to really make the red and white pop. 

I then cut the corset at 3".  I cut out the blackout (NOT the shadow) in red and the "regular" with the shift on in black.  I glued them together with my 2 way pen and then sprayed them with my shimmer spray.  I matted (on pop dots) it on white just a quarter inch larger than the corset, and again on blac 1/4" larger than that and repeat with red.

I then matted the "Need A Boost" on black and red also 1/4" larger each time.  Very easy to do, but in true sarcasm style, I was going to write in white gel pen on the inside "your boobs sure do."  but I think I'll leave the mean sarcasm off of the card this time.

Although I think I am going to do a sarcasm saturday card. how funny would that be???  Tell me there aren't people you'd LOVE to send a "kiss my tuchus" card to?  Well, I have an announcement to make, but that's for a different post! :)