Monday, March 28, 2011


Ok, I was headed off here and I JUST saw at Hobby Lobby this week only the Gypsy is 99.99!  I want this thing so bad- and my hubby keeps telling me to go and get it, so guess what?  today after I'm done doing all the diapers, my tush is going to run to Hobby Lobby and pick it up.  I am SO blessed to have such an amazing husband!  (and no, he didn't really threaten to sell my cricut. ;)

but yeah, they also have a 40% off of any one item coupon.  Ladies, it's AWESOME!  go for it!


  1. So cool! I have a gypsy, love designing with it, but have yet to cut anything with it! LOL...had some issues, but they are supposedly resolved...we will see ;)
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  2. I just got it! :D I'm SUPER jazzed- it's updating, so when it gets done, I'll be uploading all of my carts. :)

    I'll totally hit your blog, Mom2fivekiddos!

  3. Congrats on your Gypsy! Love your cards here. :)
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