Friday, March 11, 2011

feeling devious!

So, I'm going to my JoAnn's today, and Michaels is 1/4 mile away from it.  I am excited because it's the first time I'm having some non-mommy time in a while!  (well I'll have my nursing son with me.  we're kinda attached at the boob.)  anyhoo, I'm goign to be getting more supplies and TONS more retail therapy going on.   I'll post a new blog when I get back, I am going to make loads of cards coming up, and invitations for my son's birthday party (in June but I wanted to start on it now) and I have to make my hubster a military scrapbook- he's becoming a recruiter and needs one. 

Man, I'm excited! 

ok, well I'll chat with you all when I get it done. have fun today, and craft something!

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