Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm getting married!

Well, technically my husband and I are already married, but now we're having a wedding.  we were supposed to last december, but considering I got pregnant two days after we got married, so we're NOW having our wedding on our 2nd anniversary, March 25, 2012!  I'm super excited.  I'm a COMPLETE DIY bride. 

I'm making my Save The Dates, wedding gown, daughter's dress, invites, food (appetizers) and I'll probably have my mom make the flowers.  I will also make our cake and food, but I'll hire some local teenagers or something to get them out on the floor hot.  Maybe see if some culinary students or something to keep them stocked. 

But anyhoo- I'm going to be making the save the dates over the next few days and I'll get a picture up when I get it done.  MAN, I'm excited!! 

Oh, my color scheme is red, brown and off-white.  (like an antique because I'm totally vintage in case you couldnt' see from my profile pic!

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