Thursday, December 19, 2013

SOOOO excited!

Merry Christmas peeps!

I can't contain myself!  Guess what I'm getting?  I'm getting a silhouette!  WHAT?!  Yup, it'll be here on Saturday, and I'm so excited I can't contain myself!!

I make SVG files, so I'll start linking them when I do- for your use and sale of COMPLETED projects (not for "kits".)  I'll also start making some to sell.  I just can't tell you how bouncing around the living room excited I am about this! SQUEE!

Ok, reign it in, Heather-

I have some last minute sewing projects I have to get done for Christmas, and of course- my cards aren't done.  Who can afford to send them out this year?  I'm going to have to budget that into my Christmas fundage for next year.  (we've decided to take $100/month and set it aside and I can do all the shopping either day after thanksgiving, or online on free-shipping day on 12/18.)

in other news, I'm also a full fledged AUX member of the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association.  They focus on Vets helping Vets- always a good thing!- and I'm going to be making some cards and stuff for them, and I hope you get to see that soon.

OH, and I'm either starting or revamping my sewing blog.  I shut one down before- too much to do, not enough time, but since I've taken up a TON of sewing lately, I think I'll redo that blog too.

Be blessed!

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