Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 days of Christmas Bloghop- day 7

Hello dearies!  Are you Christmased out yet?  Because I'm not- I still have several awesome projects to show you!!

I'm the type of girl who loves a lot of traditional Christmas and country Christmas things.  (if you couldn't tell from previous projects.)  I'm not the type who likes crafts that looks like the north pole exploded in my home.  That just... ugh.  Today's wreath is a take on both traditional and modern.  It looks pretty darned elegant if you ask me.

How gorgeous is that?  SUPER easy to do, you just need a TON of balls- and that's where the Dollar Tree comes in (shocker, I know.)  I ended up needing like 6 packs of Christmas balls- the 12-25,  but seriously- another pretty frugal project.  I did this is red and gold because my door is green.

Here's what you need:

1 wire hanger (thinner is better) and THANK YOU Donna for giving me yours- I didn't have any!
6 (or so) packs of 12-25 Christmas balls, various sizes- color depends on you.
Wired ribbon to match to cover the hanger.

Untwist the top of the hanger and form it into a circle, keeping the hook part of your hanger..  String on the balls and bunch them on so that the top part is hidden.  after all of your balls are on, form the other side to make a loop and put it around the "neck" of your hanger.  cover with ribbon.  TADA!

Here's a youtube video on how to do it if you get a little lost. :)

Here's the lineup in case you get lost:
6. Miranda -
8. Scrappin Toxic Midge-
20. Heather~     <-------- YOU ARE HERE
25. Jessica -

And last question- what kind of Christmas are you?  Traditional?  elegant?  Christmas threw up on my house?  Happy hopping and I'll see you tomorrow!!


  1. A lovely wreath - looks like a lot of work to me - I am not much into making wreaths but you did a wonderful job! Thanks for the YOU TUBE Video to help create a wreath ! TFS = enjoy your week and thanks for the hop

  2. Your wreath turned out gorgeous!

  3. Have you taken shares out in the Dollar Tree?? lol Your wreath is very cute! TFS the tut, too! :-)

    I'm totally traditional when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Mind you, I also collect Angels, while hubby collects Santa's. Soooooo, maybe Christmas has thrown up in my house? LOL

  4. Super cute wreath - love the ribbon.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  5. That is a very beautiful wreath ,,, nice job :)

  6. this project is oh so elegant! my door is gold, so a green and red would look great on my door! I have to check out your video.

  7. I could see this on my parents front door as it is green like the one you pictured. So pretty.


  8. Your wreath is so pretty!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  9. So beautiful! I love the Dollar Tree for things like this! Heck! I just love the Dollar tree!