Sunday, November 30, 2014

12 days of Christmas- day 7

I AM SO SORRY!  Last night was the iron bowl, and I was up late and overslept.  I thought I had it on a schedule timer, but apparently not.  Mea culpa.

Hello and welcome back!  Day 7.  I can't believe it.  If you're here in the lineup, awesome, welcome you're good to go, but if you're here randomly, please start at Lisa's blog so you don't miss out on the goodies!

I finally made something with paper!  I know, the paper junkie make something with paper this blog hop?  But I did!  And it's cute.

By now you know my computer is s-l-o-w-l-y creeping it's way back to me from HP so I can't use my silhouette.  BUT I can fussy cut!  I made a card, and I have no idea what the technique is called, (though I've seen it before) but I quilt, so I figured it's not taht different from making a log cabin quilt.

Here's what you'll need:
kraft cardstock
christmas paper cut into 1"x 2" strips.
3D sticker (I got this from walmart)
cookie cutter
glue stick

Here's how you do it:
I traced around the cookie cutter in the inside of the card cut to 4 x 5 1/2.  I cut out the star and started gluing strips of paper around the edges until it was covered how I liked it.  (I'm sure there's a tutorial on youtube or something to tell you how to do it.  I have no idea how to explain it to you or even what the technique is called!)

Embelish how you want, but I used a "holiday time Handmade Sticker" from Walmart I got about a bazillion years ago.

Question of the day:  How many presents are usually under your tree?   We do 1 want, 1 need and 1 spiritual gift for each child.  (that's 18 things in our home!) and we also stuff stockings.

Here's the lineup:


  1. As a quilter also I love this card. Simple but elegant. Thanks for sharing

  2. great card! each kid gets 4-5 gifts, usually one big gift for all 3 to share and Santa usually skips mom and dad ;)

  3. Beautiful card. Great papers.


  4. cute card,,, Santa visits my husband and I with a few each then we go visit the children and grandchildren :)

  5. Love the look of this Card. Thanks for Sharing

  6. Very pretty card. I've seen this technique before and it is one I like. We don't do many gifts on Christmas as we're celebrating the birth of Christ and it's His birthday. We usually limit three items.

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  7. Very few gifts under our tree this year as we are empty nesters. However, we have two grand babies arriving in April so I suspect there may be lots of little boy toys and clothes under our tree next year.
    I follow your blog.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  8. I love your quilted star!! Darling card!

  9. I can't remember what that folding technique is called but it is really cool and you did a great job!