Monday, December 1, 2014

12 days of Christmas- day 8

WOOHOO!  Welcome back, you're with me this far.  I'm happier than a puppy with a chew toy!

First thing's first- go back to Lisa's blog if you're  not here from the beginning of the hop.

Today is day 8 and I have another project for you!  First, how talented are these wonderfully creative people I'm in this hop with?  They're like crazy gifted and here I am like internet explorer- eating paste.

This is today's project:

They were SUPER easy to do- so much so that your kindergartener can do this with you.
Here's what you'll need:
christmas paper
template.  (You can draw one easily- I"ll tell you how.)
glue stick
twine or string.

Here's what you do:
It's a lot easier to draw a christmas bulb than you'd imagine.  Do you remember cutting out symmetrical hearts when we were kids?  You'd fold the paper in half and then draw the 1/2 heart and cut it out and boom, you'd have a "perfect" heart?  That's what I did in card stock, EXCEPT- the top part is flatter, and you draw on a little square "tab" to the top.  When you open it up, it'll look like this:

So, you get what I mean.

Ok, so after you draw your template and open it up, you trace 9 of them on 12x12 christmas paper.  I was able to get 18 out of 1 sheet, which gives you 2 ornaments.  after you cut them all out, fold them in half with the pretty side in.  You can ALSO do this with 2 sided paper and alternate front and back.  (in that case do an even number of bulbs papers)  once they're all folded and creased, put some glue on one side and line the next one on top to match.  repeat and stack them all.  Cut a length of twine so that you can either put it directly on the tree, or you can string a hook on it.  glue it on and then glue the last side to the first side forming a 3D ornament.

Tada!  they're pretty fast to do and SUPER easy to make.  and how lucky of a girl am I to find glitter gingham paper?  Yeah, that feeds my country side and my super-girly side at the same time!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite Christmas Carol?  Mine is Mary did you know, and O Holy Night.  Oh, and Linda Eder's version of Do You See What I See (or whatever it's called- the Perry Como version to this day reminds me of gremlins.).

Here's the lineup:


  1. Beautiful ornaments.


  2. nice job with the decorations... I love projects kids can do,,, means I might be able to :)

  3. These are cute; I may try them myself.
    I follow your blog
    isoscia at aol dot com

  4. Cute! I've made some things like that before. Fun and easy

  5. I love your 3D ornaments!! Pretty papers!

  6. Nice ornaments. It is great to have ideas the kids can participate in too!

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