Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12 days of Christmas- day 10

WOOT!  we're 10 days into it, can you believe it? :(

If you're here in the lineup, word.  If you're here randomly, please go to Lisa's blog- she's got some blog candy for you.

OK, so today's project is versatile!  You can use it for Christmas, or Valentine's day or just becuase you like red roses.

I made roses.  THEY ARE SO COOL!  and so easy to make!

Here's what I did:

(I'm having the hardest time getting my photos to me so I can upload them here.  I'm so sorry, please be patient, it'll happen when I can upload them.

Here's what you need:
red and green card stock
SVG file from (This one here)
3/8" dowel rod
green floral tape

Here's how you do it:

Mary and Leo are geniuses when it comes to svg files.

Question of the day:  how do you pronounce poinsettia?  In our house it's poin-set-TEA-uh.  not poin-set-uh.  There's an i there.  It's not silent.  URGH! (can you tell- pet peeve?)  Now, head on over to Jessica!  She's got something awesome for you!

Here's the lineup: