Tuesday, November 25, 2014

12 Days of Christmas- Day 2

We're back, and I'm having so much fun this hop!  Today is day two.  Still with the country theme, I decided to make another ornament.  (I promise, I have other things coming!)  This time, it's super easy and I think kind of cute.

First thing's first- if you're here on your own, welcome but please start at Lisa's blog.  She'll get you going in the right direction.  If you're here from Angela's blog, then welcome!  After mine, you go to Jessica and it's all linked down at the bottom for you in case you get lost along the way.

Pinecones.  And I have a squajillion of them in my front yard.  This is done in a technique similar to the hanging that I made last year, but instead of grouping a ton together with ribbon, I used homespun fabric with a single pine cone.  I think it adds more of a primative feel to it.  I also think these would be cute in a bowl or something, but that's my simple way of decorating.

Y'all, I am so sorry about the crappy lighting on my photos.  I have a wonderful camera that I can't use because my "real" computer is sent to HP to get fixed (hard drive crashed) and I have to re-download my adobe because I shoot RAW (best format, loses no info), but until then I'm relegated to my phone's camera that I have to email and chromebook doesn't like to play nice with it.

What you need:
a pinecone.

Cut the fabric to about 1/2 inch wide strip and make a bow.  Glue it to the top of the pinecone.  Add twine, or string to the base so you can hang it on your tree (we always have a fake one; hubbinator is allergic).  Tada!  Simple, easy and the kids can do it!  Great memory maker with them.  (and they'll remember things you did, over presents in the future!)

So the question of the day is this:  What is your most embarassing Christmas memory?  Everyone has them of Ralphie's pink bunny costume, so what's yours?

I will post info everyday.


  1. Gotta just love computer problems!!! I will stop back to see your pics later!

  2. love homemade ornaments,,,:) I live in Maine,,, tons of pine cones :)

  3. Very cute, love the simple primitive look :)
    ~ Eva Scraps

  4. What a cute ornament! Great Idea!

  5. Wonderful way to use the pinecones laying around in your yard.


  6. I have a few Pine Cones on my Tree. They are great for decorating with.

  7. Great way to use your pinecones. I love the ones at the craft store, they smell so good.

    Follow me @ The Crafty Scrap Yard

  8. Great pine cone ornament. I can't think of an embarrassing Christmas memory; if I had one, it must have been so mortifying that I blocked it out of my memory!
    I follow your blog.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  9. Cute ornie!!!! Most embarrassing Christmas memory was caught on camera - I was 3 and got a toy iron and ironing board. I licked the iron!!! I have never lived that down!

  10. i love the idea of a simple pine cone! awesome!

  11. left the cling wrap on the rice pudding, when cooking it, not good for you!! happy 12 days.

  12. clever idea. my embarrassing one is when i fell down the stairs,