Wednesday, November 26, 2014

12 days of Christmas0 Day 3

Hello again!  Welcome back.

How is your hop so far?  I'm so lucky to be doing this with some seriously talented ladies!! Once again, if you're here for the first time, you need to start at Lisa's blog and then come through.   I'd hate for you to miss out on the awesome blog candy she's giving away.

Ok, so I know I said no more ornaments, but I have to have another one.  I use ornaments for more than just tree decorating (and you'll see that in a later post.... oooh, something to look forward to) and they're a HUGE part of my Christmas season.

So, what did I do today?  Snow!  It doesn't snow in South Alabama (though with how wonky it's been with the weather, you never know what this year will bring!!)  I have snow today.

What you'll need:
Clear Glass ornament (I used round)
epsom salt.
Ribbon or fabric

You're going to want to run your epsom salt (and you don't need a lot) in a coffee grinder.  I used a baby bullet becuase it's what I have available to me.  and I blended until it looked like snow.  Then I took a funnel and filled the ornament only a litlte ways.  surprisingly it gets heavy, and the thingie can and will pull out of it.  Ask me how I know.   So, keeping with the country theme, I added more homespun fabric.

My daughter said you could turn this into a melted snowman by adding little polymer clay beads and a polymer clay "carrot" nose.  I agree with her!   It would totally rock that way, and be super cute!

Ok, question of the day:  What is your ideal snow day?  Mine is it snows on Christmas only and then is a beautiful 74* for the rest of the year.

So, Here's the lineup in case you need it:
1. Lisa ~

2. Scrappin Madge ~

3. Beth McGee ~

4. Amy E. ~

5. Denise ~

7. Cely ~

8. Pam -

9. Alicia ~

10. Anna-

11. An'Jenic-

12. Angela-

13. Heather-        <----------------- YOU ARE HERE

14. Jessica -

15. Miranda -

16. La-Vie Borde-Perry ~

17. Sandy-

18. Carla ~

19. Lori ~

20. Ashley W ~

21. Robin L. ~


  1. Very cute, great, "snow".


  2. very cute ornament.... I live in Maine Pleeeenty of snow :) Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Great snow ornament. We only have snow up in mountains here in AZ, except on rare occasions when it falls in the valley. =)

    Follow me @ The Crafty Scrap Yard

  4. I can send you some real snow from Nebraska!!! Fun ornie!!

  5. We had 4 inches of snow today in Allentown, PA. You can have all of it. I agree with you - snow Christmas Day and that's it. It was no fun getting the kids home from school - very slippery roads. Love your ornament and creativity.

  6. so neat. i like the melted snowman thought too,

  7. Great Idea! Your Daughter had the same Idea as I did when I seen It.

  8. Snow is not my favorite thing; it's pretty to look at but I hate being outside in it. So, I wouldn't care if I never saw snow again.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  9. What a neat idea!!! We stay in the south and if it ever gets to snow it never sticks.. so for me it would actually seeing snow come and stay!

  10. cute! the way the weather has been, I don't think it that far fetched to get snow in Alabama!!

  11. very cute! nothing about a snow day is fun for me! i've lived with them for 28 years, moved to sunny south fl and haven't missed a day of it ;)