Monday, November 24, 2014

12 days of Christmas... day 1


I love Christmas, and was honored again this year when Lisa asked if I wanted to join in on the fun.  Of course I said yes!  I'm trying something different this year.  This year, our Christmas is themed "country".  In fact, we've kind of themed our lives country and I'm fixin' to (like that?) redo my home.  I've been slowly but surely working on it.  I'm thinking upscale redneck chic- what do you think?  I want something that screams hillbilly with money.  No?  Oh well.  And if that doesn't say "merry random Christmas" then I have no idea what does.

So- where do I begin?  Well, if you've found me randomly, welcome!  Please go back to Lisa's blog to start.  I'm #13 on the list, so there's a few to get to before you get to me.  (love to have you, just start at the beginning because you don't want to miss all the amazing blog candy!)  If you're here from Angela's blog then you're in the right spot!

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So, what did I make for all of you wonderful people?  Snowflake Ornaments! (oh. Let It Go... HA!  see what I did there?)

What you'll need:
crochet thread
tiny crochet needle
random snowflake pattern
patience and decent eyesight
sugar and water (or fabric stiffener of your choice)
glitter -optional.

Crochet random internet snowflake pattern that you like (or is easiest to follow, as I did!) with the tiny crochet thread and hook. Now, I love crocheting with the next girl, but this was TINY!  It is a wonderful take-along project to things when you're just driving in the car or doing random things that you don't need to spend imense amounts of time on.  Before you know it you'll have several whipped up.

When you have them done, you're going to want to stiffen them so their points stand on end.  I used 4 parts sugar to 1 part water and boiled it making a very heavy, very hard simple syrup.  I saturated the snowflakes in it and then placed them on a styrofoam board covered in waxed paper.  This is where you would add glitter if you want it.  Yes, you may have to actually pin them in place to keep the shape.  Once dry, remove the pins and add a looped thread or a hook to hang them.  TADA!  You're done.

My video camera was MIA thanks to smallish people in my house, so there's no video tutorial for this, but I"m hoping to find it and get the last few days done so you can see them.

Question of the day:  What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

Hugs, and see you tomorrow!!!  Oh, don't forget to follow me!  I don't post often, but that's going to change shortly!


  1. I love your snowflake ornament! I used to crochet more, but haven't in quite a while. I believe I have a whole pamphlet with crocheted snowflake patterns in it :)
    Beth's Beauties

  2. Your crochet snowflake is so adorable! I always decorate my tree and living room with snowflakes! :)

  3. I’m excited to be in this hop with all of you talented ladies! Kudos on your project.

    La-Vie B.
    Follow me at C’est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC

  4. Wow, those are fantastic snowflakes you made! I've bought some similar at craft shows as I am not able to crochet. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful ornament, I have forgotten how to crochet.


  6. I just stopped by from the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop to say, and so glad I did, love this page!! <3 looks messy but fun!

  7. Very pretty ornament... I also love to crochet but haven't made snowflakes :)

  8. Cute Snowflake Ornament. I wish I could crochet.

  9. So cute!!! Wish I had the eyes and patience to make these!!

  10. Oh, I Love your Crocheted Snowflake. I have been making some the last few days. Going to give them out to all my family members and a few friends. I'm trying different patterns. I have been using Modge Podge with a little water and added Glitter to It. Painted it on both sides with a Sponge Brush They are extra hard. Thanks for Sharing yours. :0)

  11. Lots of tedious work went into this snowflake and it is cute as can be.

  12. I love snow flakes. Love your hand made flake. :)

  13. Your snowflake ornament is beautiful. Sadly, I do not crochet. My favorite ornament is a little silver and white glass teddy bear .
    I follow you with email and google friend connect.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  14. I love your snowflake ornament and can just picture a tree filled with them. I am enjoying the Blog Hop so far and looking forward to seeing all that the Hop has to offer. I need to finish my Christmas cards and I'm looking for inspiration!

  15. so stinkin cute! love it!!!!!

  16. stunning. my mom loves to crochet with thread.

  17. cute! i don't have the patience for that! haha! does come out awesome though!

  18. Beautiful snowflake. I treasure all of the ornaments I have, we have many ornaments from friends throughout the years from different parts of the world. My favorites are probably nativity scenes.

    Follow me @ The Crafty Scrap Yard

  19. Awesome project.

  20. it has been forever since I made these, a great little project!

  21. great job, wish I could crochet!