Thursday, November 27, 2014

12 days of Christmas- day 4

HO HO HO!  or Yo ho ho if you're in a piratey mood.  But either way, how are you doing today?  It's a fine day in Alabama and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving today!  I will be finishing up all the things I"m cooking in the morning and throwing the turkey in by 11 so it can be done by 3.  I have a 22 pounder- (and yes, it takes less than 4 hours for my bird- I do it by temp, not timer.)  How big is yours?

Once again, if you're starting here, please go to Lisa's blog and start there.  She's giving away some awesomesauce blog candy and I'd hate for you to miss that.  If you're here in the lineup, then welcome!

So I said that I'm keeping a country theme, but this isn't really country.  I had this brilliant idea looking at my candle holder- I got this about a million years ago from a store called The Christmas Tree Store.  it's only in a few locations, but you can easily turn a vase or candle holder red by using alcohol inks or glass stain, or possibly even a spray paint.

What you'll need:
1 large cylinder vase (red is kind of the color you'll need)- not tapered unless you're good at math and possibly aligning the planets or some other complicated junk.
black glitter card stock.
Gold glitter card stock
tape and glue.

How you do it:
measure around the vase and cut a strip of black cardstock 1 1/2" by 1" longer than the measurement.

Cut a "buckle" rectangle out of gold card stock with a rectangle inside it.  My rectangle inside was 1 1/2" x 2" and out side was 2 1/2" x 3".  Glue this to the black "belt" and let dry.  Tape the belt to itself around your vase.  Tada- Santa's belt buckle!

You can't tell in the pictures but the gold paper is also glitter paper.  Again, crappy phone camera vs. my Nikon and a down computer.

Question of the day:  What tradition can you NOT do without?  We have 3.  1- we go Christmas light seeing with hot cocoa (coffee for Dad) and blankets.  2- we have a gingerbread house decorating contest every year and 3- I do Christmas pj's the night before Christmas (I make them for the kids and the hubs and myself) and we watch the Nativity Story with popcorn, hot chocolate and cookies.

Head on over to Jessica's blog and see all the awesomeness she has and if you get a chance, don't forget to stalk me over there with my other favorite stalkers! ;)
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  1. beautiful project! have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. That's a Great Idea. One Christmas Tradition is that we have to have Chili on Christmas. My Mom had six kids and we didn't have much money. So we always had Chili. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    1. That is a WONDERFUL idea! We love Chili and it's super easy (and cheap) to make! I think you just started another tradition for us!
      Thanks for sharing that! :D

  3. Making my own Christmas cards and trimming the tree.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  4. very nice project... we all get together at my sisters for homemade meatpies and candies ... love the gathering :) Happy Thanksgiving :)

  5. Nice & shiny Santa candle holder. We read the Christmas story from the bible and have a birthday cake for Jesus.

    Follow me @ The Crafty Scrap Yard

  6. Love your Santa candle holder!!! Our traditions are 1 - casual get together with my family on Christmas Eve with soups, 2 - go to tree farm the Sunday after Thanksgiving to pick out our live tree, 3 - putting up my grandparents gold tinsel tree, 4 - our new tradition is to go to the zoo Christmas Eve morning.

  7. Love Santa's belt. We each get a new ornament every year...the kids will take theirs with them when they move out.

  8. Happy Thanks giving! Love the candle holder/vase!