Wednesday, November 25, 2015

12 days of Christmas- Day 2

Hey y'all, welcome back!

I'm having so much fun doing this hop!

Here's today's lineup.  If you're here on your own, please start at Lisa's blog at Honeybearz Designs (first link) and you can hop along with us!  I'm the last in the hop, so thanks for sticking with us so far!

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My project today is another simple one!

See?  Oh, seriously- ignore my cobwebs.  (As you can see, we're still decorated for Halloween! Sure... that's what we'll call it!)

You'll need:
bakers twine
1" hole punch
different colored paper (I used The Paper Stuido's "Faith" pack.)
glue stick.

Another project to do with the kiddos!
Measure out a length of twine and arrange 1/2 your circles on it.  Glue stick the rounds and add a topper.  basically, you're stringing the paper along the twine and making a 1" paper circle sandwich out of it.

These actually turned out a lot cuter than I expected them to!  I plan on making a huge one with the kids later so we can string it on the tree, and the mantle!

So, today my question is what is your favorite thing to do with small peoples during the holidays?  We do several things, because I'm convinced the memories are much better than the "things" they'll get.  I mean, seriously- do you remember everything you got for your 9th Christmas?  No?  me neither.  But, anyway, we have a gingerbread house competition (I make gingerbread houses and we decorate them.  I'll be easier to buy them, but with 6 kids that crap can get expensive!), and we go "Light Seeing" with some homemade hot chocolate.  We decorate cookies (also take with us when we go look at lights) and I do a Christmas Eve box- with new pajamas in it- I sew their pants and give them a new t-shirt in it, they get a pack of hot chocolate and we make popcorn while we watch the Nativity Story.

Those are our kid-traditions. :)


  1. The smallest one in our family is 29 years old (unless you count the dog who is 10). Miss having little ones around the house. Christine did come over yesterday and helped me get some of the Christmas stuff out and up. She went through my box of stitched ornaments and took a lot of them with her so I know they will be loved and cherished after I'm gone. thanks for sharing.

  2. This would be a perfect project to do with my Grand Kids. Thanks for Sharing!

  3. Super cute & fun!! Awesome idea! TFS
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  4. Adorable! My children are all grown, BUT, I have 9 grandchildren and this year we will be getting together at Nana's to bake cookies!!!! Can't wait to see the mess they make. LOL

  5. I agree, although I do remember a lot of the things I got for different Christmases (there may be a reason for that) I think the memory making is the best part. My boys would love this. They love decorating things and making the decorations. We usually do a gingerbread house and see the lights, crafts, and whatever else comes along.

  6. Cute garland. TFS! :-) We don't have any li'l ones running around yet. I keep tellin' my DD to "get on w/ it"!!!! lol

    1. Hahaha! Because NOTHING turns a woman on more than her mother telling her to have sex! haha! Sorry, couldn't resist!

  7. Cute garland...we try to go to a cabin around the holidays and my kids look forward to it more than Christmas now that they are older. Keep up the traditions! They do matter.

  8. Cute garland and great idea for kidtraditions

  9. Love the project! I've made things like this for birthdays with my kids! Our favorite tradition besides watching Christmas cartoons and baking cookies is going to see the lights.

  10. Cute garland. and yes. Really easy. Love the simplicity.

  11. Cute garland!! I could make these for my tree! A really really long one!! Great Job!! Loves- Madge

  12. Very cute garland! Love this idea. Every year the kiddos decorate our tree and we make cookies ~ much better to spend time with them before they are off on their own =)

  13. Very cute garland! I love all the things you do for Christmas.