Tuesday, November 24, 2015

12 days of Christmas, Day 1

Hey, y'all!

It's Christmastime again!  I'm so excited.  Another year gone quickly and in truth it kind of flew by for me!  Oh, guess what- we're expecting baby #7!

Ok, my news is up, so welcome to the blog hop with Honeybearz Designs!  I'm so honored that Lisa has asked me again to be in it!  Ok, I lied- I kind of begged her.  I mean on a level of talent, everyone else in this hop is Martha Stewart and I'm sitting here like Internet Explorer.

So, here's the lineup.

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Are you having fun yet?  Because I am!  I am loving everyone's creations!

On to mine....

This year, I wanted to go more "simple".  Basically, I wanted kids to be able to do this.  I used things that I already had, and of course, you probably won't have them on hand, but lucky for you- you can likely get it from the dollar store!

Ok, this is what I did:

see?  Simple!

This is what I used:
1 red glass vase,
Glitter paper (3" wide)
rick rack (Hobby Lobby)
1 button (walmart, in a pack of like 100 or something.)
glue stick!

Cut the tree out of glitter paper.  I used my paper cutter, we call it a "schwonk", because that's the sound it makes.  Yeah, I have kids, what can I do?  Glue it to the vase.  Make a bow out of rick rack and glue it to the bottom.  Glue a button to the top.  Light candle inside.  BOOM, BABY!  Done!

As always, I ask a question after the post.  So, my question today is:  What type of Christmas do you do?  Do you do full-on North Pole set up in your home, or do you just put up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?  I prefer something in between.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Great project Heather. I love the idea of simple projects. Always great to have some idea of something fast you can do and something you can involve the children in. I can't wait to see what wonderful projects you create each day. Thank you so much for joining in the hop I really appreciate it.

  2. Great project! If we do a tree ( sometimes we head to NY for the holidays so Santa just leaves kids gifts in a pile at home!), its just right ;) i have huge 18 foot ceilings and would LOVE to get a huge rockafella' type tree in my house but since we saw the price of those bad boys, we settle on a 9 foot ;) (and besides...i don't have enough ornaments to fill anything bigger!) haha!

    1. I have 13 ft ceilings! I would love one of those trees too. :) Trust me, I'd love a Norman Rockwell style Christmas, but on my "Little House on the Prairie Budget", it really doesn't work that way! HAHAHA!

  3. Love your candle holder! Simple, but still elegant =) We do a simple Christmas. Tree, simple decorations (mostly handmade) and wreaths. Nothing too fancy ~ I like rustic, cozy and simple =)

  4. really great project! i like the simplicity!


  5. I have a collection of Santa's that I get out each year. It's like "new" because you forget what all is in the cabinet. I put up a ceramic tree and decorate the outside of the house with a couple small trees and some lights around the window. I don't get as crazy over Christmas as I did when I was younger. Kind of miss those day. Love your tree. Will have to make one for my house. thanks for sharing.

  6. Very Cute and in my price range... Great job.

  7. Super cute & fun! Awesome ideas!!!
    Great job!
    Have a blessed day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  8. This is darling!! Great Job! We usually go full blown North Pole Chirstmas, however this year we may be more like the Charlie Brown Christmas. We recently moved and we are going through box after box, and my holiday decor is in the storage unit! EEK!! Loves- Madge

  9. Firstly, whaaaaat??? Baby #7??? Holy toledo! What a fun houseful you'll have!!! :-) Your proj. is adorable. :-) This year, we're putting up a med. size tree that decorated in blue and pink. Yup --- you heard it here!!!! lol

    Heather, I 'member you from last year's hop! You were a hoot then and you're still a hoot!!!! ;-)

  10. Congrats on baby #7! What a fantastic blessing! Love your candle holder, so festive and great to make with the kids!

  11. Before I forget...I do in between...we actually have a lot of Christmas decorations but I also have 4 young boys and I know they wouldn't survive...I still decorate my tree pretty full, just put the nice ornaments at the top. I love that you call your machine a schwonk, how fun! The jar looks great. I love simple things.

  12. Love your project. Our Christmas is in between. But I have a little Charlie Brown tree that I set up to. Thanks for sharing your project.

  13. congrats on #7. your creation is cute,

  14. Love your schwonk project! LOL. Great idea! TFS!