Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homemade Action Wobbles- they're easier than you think!!!

There I was at my local scrapbook store staring desperately at the action wobbles like a kid with her face pressed up against the glass at the candy store.  I could not justify paying what she wanted for the action wobbles, though I want to give my cards the same pizaz that everyone else has... after all,' everyone else is doing it, why can't I' I whined in my head.

Hello Ruby, you are crafty, figure something out!

Hot dang!  (insert 100 watt light bulb here, and no, NOT the eco friendly kind!)  Make your own.  You have all the materials at home, and if you build it, they will come.   Still not quite sure who "they" are but hey, you're here reading this, so I guess you qualify as "they".

Here's what I used and what I did, and as soon as I can take a decent picture of them, you'll get that too.

You will need Zots large glue dots.  I only had the 3D ones and they worked fab!
20 gauge wire,
1" squares (can be trimmed down if you need it) or circles cut from your punch.
a glue stick
and wire cutters.

wrap the 20 gauge wire around your glue stick around about 20 times.  keep it taut, you'll know why when you release- it gives you more of a springy shake.  Nip the end.  now this is VERY important:  count 5 loops, NOT the tail on the bottom.  (or top however you hold it) and cut on the 5th loop.  You will have a coil of 5 solid loops and 2 tail ends.

While the glue dot is still on the paper, insert the end of the coil into it, getting as much coverage as you possibly can.  Don't get your coils stuck into it.  Now, with it still attached to the waxy paper, slide your 1" paper or circle over it and press the paper into the glue dot.  your paper should make a sandwich in this order from top to bottom:  paper, wire, glue dot which will fully envelop the spring's end.

repeat with the other side.

I make several of these at a time, and use the glue dot paper to keep the dots from sticking to anything by tearing off pieces big enough to cover.  you can test the "springy-ness" of the action wobbles by holding the bottom firmly against the table and flicking or taking your finger and "twanging" it.  oh come on, you know how to make it jiggle, stop laughing at me.

voila!  it cost me all of about.... 1/2 a penny to make!  In your face, expensive scrapbook store lady!  In. Your. Face!


  1. wow thanks for sharing...I gotta try this one!!!

  2. So cute!! I love the fun way you explain it too! :)

    TFS, Cheryl @

  3. Very awesome idea...I've been trying to figure out how to do this and this is exactly the tutorial I needed! Thanks!