Sunday, August 7, 2011

breast cancer card- IT MAY BE OFFENSIVE!

Hi everyone!

I'm letting you know up front that this card may be offensive to you.  It's got... boobies.  Backstory:  My friend Mary just told me that she could possibly have breast cancer.  Felt a lump, found a mass on the ultrasound and mammogram.  I'm wigging out, but her attitude is "eh, they're just boobs, I can always buy more".  So, in honor of my Mary (seriously, she's my adopted mom with the same twisted sense of humor that I have)

Anyway, here's the card.
I used my Gypsy, and the card I made for Sarah's Birthday card (2 or so posts below) and I added the ribbon from stand and salute, and made the boobs, areolas and nips from the Create A Critter circle.  Betcha dimes to donuts that you'll look at that cart differently.

something tells me that this isn't exactly what Provo Craft had in mind for their cricut.

Anyhoo, here's what I used:
gypsy, tie the knot, stand and salute, and create a critter cartridges.
cardstock in black, light, med and dark purple, peach and pink.
creamy brown calk ink
cuttlebug folder swiss dots
zig 2 way
glitter glue from Studio G.

Okay, cut it out- all measurements given on teh blog below.
glitter up the inside of the darts after you put the front together.  add the ribbon and glitter glue that sucker.  Oh, I also hid the "buttons" from the corset on they gypsy.  here's a picture of the front of the card:

here's my tasteless inside!  it's SO FRIGGING FUNNY!


  1. Absolutely LOVE it! Great job... reminds me of Sixteen Candles... "Oh, Fred! She's gotten her boobies. And they're so perky!" (da, da da, da, dun, dun...! and grandma's hand go towards you!)

  2. lol!! I love it!!!! it adds humour to a stressful and scary situation. I'll bet your friend will love it

  3. HYSTERICAL!!!!! ROFL!!!!!! I have found you really have to keep a sense of humor in these situations. :)

  4. That's too funny Heather!! I totally LOVE this card! :)

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cheryl @