Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday card for my Sarah.

One of my besties' birthday was this past week, Sarah who turned... well, I've stopped aging at 29, so I"m assuming she did too... she turned (drumroll) 29!!!!!!!!  She absolutely ADORES pink.  I can't stand the color.  Since this card was about HER and not me, I made her this:

No, that is NOT glitter paper, I hand glued every stinking sparkle on there.  well, it wan't that bad.  I'll tell you how I did it!

What you'll need:
1 happy birthday stamp
Tie the Knot cartridge
cardstock in black, light pink, med, pink and a pinky-purple color. (this color will get glitterfied)
zig 2 way glue pen
atg gun
3 rhinestones.

So I welded the shadow of the corset together, making it a height of just under 5 1/2 inches.  I then did two solid corset inserts (one for the liner!  I'm a smart thinker...) and then the other two layer pieces all at the size of the shadow.  **remember, you don't need to make the shadow bigger, because it's already an outline.

Arranging your paper on your mat, cut everything out.

for the very top piece, (the pinky-purplish one) cover the FRONT of that in glue.  I couldn't find the trusty old elmers for that so I used my Zig 2 way.  I then sprinkled a super fine glitter (that I got at Dollar Tree of all places!  came in a pack of like 10 per card, 4 different color cards- heck yeah, I'm in heaven!) all over it.  flipped it over, tapped it off and voila!  awesomeness.

I assembled the corset together and then glued it onto the front of my black card.  I also added the inside liner as shown to the side ----->

I stamped Happy Birthday and attached it to the front with some foam squares.  On the inside, I wrote "hope it's uplifting!"  After I wrote my sentiment, I added the rhinestone "buttons" on the front.  gave her a little bling.

Oh come on, I'm not the punniest chick in the world, but I thought it was funny.

anyhoo, I made an envelope out of pink printer paper (yay, getting like 500 sheets of paper for 3 bucks!  okay, it was a little more, but the white is like $3 where the color runs like $11.  it's a nice touch though. and for $11, you can make 500 standard A2 envelopes- yeah, worth it to me.) and she will get that in a few days when I see her again! :)

Happy birthday Sarah, hope you had a great day!   Oh, and this is what it looked like with the flash.  I was trying to get a little more sparkle in the picture.


  1. Oh how cute, I love the glitter and what a unique shape for a card. I am glad I found your blog, I am you newest follower. Stop by and say HI> Traci

  2. Hi Traci! Welcome and thanks for stopping by! :) Glad to have you as a stalker. :D I have SO many projects coming, it's going to be great! hope to see you when I post them!! :D

  3. wow what a cute card!!lovin the glitter!

  4. How cute!! How did I miss this?? Ok.. anyways.. I had a BLAST chatting with ya tonight. Thank you for joining the PCM group!! You rock!!


  5. Too funny and lots of fun!