Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days of Christmas blog hop... my day 4

Holy Bajoley!  It's been 4 days and I feel like I haven't done anything!  I can't believe I only have 1 day left.  I am having so much fun doing this hop, and I hope that you are too.  If you're here from Daisy, you're in the right spot.  If you're not, start at Lisa's Blog here.  After you spend a few minutes here watching my video and commenting on how fabulous the idea is, and how you wish you had done this, and how amazing I am, and phenomenal, and talented... too much?  ok, well at least check it out and comment. ;)  Anyhoo- after you're here, head on over to Suzy's Crafts Here.

One of my passions is the 1940's wartime.  I love the romance, the mystery, the intrigue, and relate pretty well.  Heck, I used to pinup model!  During the war, they would ration everything from sugar to fabric and just about everything in between.  For Christmas decorations, there were very few things that they had extra of to bring a little cheer.

I went old-school today.

TADA!  Paper chains.  what, you heard fanfare and got let down?  sorry.  this is something that can be done with the kiddos, and who knows!  You might make a few fond Christmas memories.  Speaking of memories, the question of today is what is your fondest Christmas memory?

there are SO many to choose from, but I'm going to relate this one:  last year, my kids and I started a tradition of a gingerbread decorating contest.  We didn't even have any gingerbread.  So, instead we used graham crackers.  I made some royal icing, and with dollar tree candy we decorated and had a blast!  yes, they looked like the Flintstones houses.  but we had fun and had a great Christmas memory.

So, What you need:
12x12 sheets cut at 6 x 1"
a "dry" adhesive.  I used my ATG gun.

here's how I did it!
Paper Chain Video
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I think your ol' school paper chain is wonderful. I remember when we used to make them in school. I should definitely try making them with my Kiddos. I'm sure my Destiny will love making these.
    My fondest Christmas memory was when I was little girl. A neighbor came to visit us every year a Christmas and she would bring us different candy filled toys. My most memorable one was a Santa Clause with a plastic stomach that was filled with chocolates. We had those toys for years and to this day I wish I would know where to get one for my kids.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  2. Cute paper chains - I love doing that - been a long time - maybe my grand girls will make some the is year! My fondest memory of Christmas is hearing my dad yell - Ho, Ho, Ho to get us up to open presents - he passed at age 52 - I still miss him so much - that was over 30 years ago when he passed away - thanks for sharing your creation! Have a blessed week! http://ilikepaper01.blogspot.com/

  3. I love your paper chains! My favorite memory is opening gifts in front of the fireplace.

  4. i have many favorite memories, but today i'll mention the caroling we did in Arizona...yep, no snow but a wagon ride through the community on a totally decorated wagon, with band and the whole bit. i love making chains, but haven't for ages. Thanks for that memory, and sharing yours.


  5. LOVE the paper chains!!
    My fondest Christmas memory is Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve at my Aunts house :)

  6. I am planning on making a Paper Chain with my Grand Children. Their Tree and all of their decorations were destroyed last year. Since she can't afford new ornaments. We are making all homemade ones. I would have to say my favorite Christmas Memory is being at my Grand Parents home and starring at their Christmas Tree that was all Silver and would Rotate with different colored spot lights on the Tree and listening to Christmas Music on the record player. :0)

  7. Love it. We did this a few years ago. And make popcorn strings too.
    My favorite memory: going to my grandmother's every Christmas Eve. My aunt, all the cousins, and my grandparents would eat, exchange gifts, and have a great time. This will be the first Christmas for my family since my Mimi's death. We will keep the tradition alive at my parents now that they are the grandparents :)


  8. love the paper chain, have not made one in years.

  9. Paper chains are so much fun.TFS!

    1. I forgot to answer the question yesterday...I have three fondest memories for Christmas and it is when all three of my kids woke up the first time, and seen what Santa had brought, and the looks on their faces.

  10. Super cute,thats great...MaryG.

  11. I remember making paper chains for Christmas in Kindergarten. Thanks so much for sharing...... My favorite Christmas Tradition started when I was a kid. My mom would bake a cake on Christmas Eve and we would put the sugar Happy Birthday and Candles on. After dinner and before church we would sing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus and celebrate his birthday in a way us kids could understand. We quit for awhile but we've started doing it again.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  12. Paper chains!! Oh how I remember those! Why don't kids make those anymore? I wish I would have remembered that last week. My DD asks me everyday how many days until Christmas! Lol! Very cute!!

    That may not be my favorite Christmas memory, but it sure ranks up there. When we started making them, we knew Christmas was coming!!

  13. Love the paper chains, my 6 year old son made some for our house last week! Favorite Christmas memory is back when my Grandpa Buck was still with us. We would all get together at his house and it was just so cozy and safe feeling.

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com