Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday design- Man/Boy

Hello Everyone!  I have been MIA a little bit lately, mainly because I have been crafting, and I'm going back to school!  Photography- one of my passions.  I'm getting new equipment, so don't bust my chops on my current pictures. :P  anyhoo, here's my man/boy project for thankful thursday!

Surprisingly low tech, but pretty good impact.  took about 15 minutes and you'd be amazed at how easy it is!

Btw, Jenny at Crazy about Cricut is having a give-away!  She's giving away a post-it pack, you can find it here:  (I know, when I think of post-it I think of the little sticky notes, but apparently they do more.  Who knew?!)

what I used:
cardstock:  kraft, black, red
glitter glue- red
DMC thread in brown and beige
white gel pen,
glossy accents
father's day cartridge (2011 version)
brown tuskeino ink for edge of card.

cut both "man card" and motorcycle out from father's day cartridge at 2".  (Motorcycle may have been cut at 2 1/4", not remembering at current moment.)  attach the background pieces to the motorcycle and cover just the background pieces in red glitter glue.  I think mine was from Studio G. 

I then colored in the "tires" with glossy accents and let it all dry for a few hours.  I put the "Man Card" on the front of the background piece.

ink around the edges of the card and do faux stitching with the gel pen.  cut off a length of brown and beige floss and with a straight edge, cut about 1/4" on the inside crease and thread through, twisting as you go to give a twine feel.  I wrapped mine around 3x, double knotted it and put the "man card" over the top, attached with ATG tape.  (my go-to when I can use it.)

faux stitch around the "man card" with the gel pen.

once dry, attach motorcycle to card with 2 glue.  I used my Zig glue pen.  I then finished it with the white gel pen to accent the light on the inside, and to add beams of light to the motor cycle.

see?  low tech and SUPER easy to do!  Happy Father's day crafting! :)  (3 father's day cards coming soon; I have 3 kids and they all love Daddy!)


  1. This is awesome! I love the glossy accents! It is the perfect touch for this man card! Nice job!

  2. How cute!!! My hubby would LOVE this card!!!


  3. thank you, ladies! :D it was so fast, I was like "crap, I could make 10 of these in an hour or less!" Then again, I don't have 10 guys to give them to. LOL!

    thanks again!!

  4. You should be proud! I am thankful you support him and allow him to protect people like us that you don't even know. I wish I could personally thank every wife, husband and mother who let their spouse/child do this! Because I don't think I would have the courage to. Your book and cards are amazing! Thanks for sharing:-)

    ~ Tammy

  5. Thanks so much Tammy! I am assuming you meant about my hubby's tribute on the All-American blog hop? I will admit, there are days it's a struggle, but other days- it's not bad at all. :) I'm just proud of him! I'm honored to be his wife.